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The Joy of Being Online All the F*cking Time

The Art of Losing Your Mind (Literally)

by (author) Jennifer McCartney

Effin' Birds

A Field Guide to Identification

by (author) Aaron Reynolds

The Woulda Coulda Shoulda Guide to Canadian Inventions

by (author) Red Green

Choose Your Own Misery: Dating

by (author) Mike MacDonald & Jilly Gagnon

The Joy of Cookies

Cookie Monster's Guide to Life

by (author) Cookie Monster

Baby's First Hashtag

by (author) Scott Feschuk & Susan Allan

Cosmic Fishing

by (author) Jaymz Bee

The Beaverton Presents Glorious and/or Free

The True History of Canada

by (author) Luke Gordon Field & Alex Huntley

The Canadaland Guide to Canada

by (author) Jesse Brown, Vicky Mochama & Nick Zarzycki

The Sound of One Team Sucking

Mindful Meditations for Recovering Leafs Fans

by (author) Christopher Gudgeon
with Tavish Gudgeon, Joey Mauro & Yusuf Saadi

Awaken Your Perfect Self

How to Become Better Than Everybody Else

by (author) Brian Haigh
read by Chris Sorensen

This is That

Travel Guide to Canada

by (author) Chris Kelly, Pat Kelly & Peter Oldring
foreword by Dave Thomas

Choose Your Own Misery: The Holidays

by (author) Mike MacDonald & Jilly Gagnon

Hot or Not: 20th-Century Male Artists

by (author) Jessica Campbell

The Joy of Leaving Your Sh*t All Over the Place

by (author) Jennifer McCartney

Choose Your Own Misery: The Office

by (author) Mike MacDonald & Jilly Gagnon


Unauthorized Underground Brick Street Art

by (photographer) Jeff Friesen

Red Green's Beginner's Guide to Women

(For Men Who Don't Read Instructions)

by (author) Red Green


by (author) Alexander Kosoris

Stats Canada

Satire On A National Scale

by (author) Stats Canada

This is Importance

A Students' Guide to literature

edited by Gregory Betts

I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow

by (author) Jonathan Goldstein

The Anthology of Really Important Modern Poetry

Timeless Poems by Snooki, John Boehner, Kanye West, and Other Well-Versed Celebrities

by (author) Kathryn Petras & Ross Petras

How To Do Everything

(From the Man Who Should Know)

by (author) Red Green

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