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Getting to the Bubble

Finding Magic Amid the Urban Roar

by (author) Mike McCardell

Cake or Death

The Excruciating Choices of Everyday Life

by (author) Heather Mallick

Black to the Grindstone

by (author) Arthur Black

How to Be a Canadian

Even If You Already Are One

by (author) Will Ferguson & Ian Ferguson


The Rudest Food Reviews

compiled by Michelle Lovric

Never Stand Behind a Loaded Horse

by (author) Gordon Kirkland

The Man Who Scared a Shark To Death

And Other Tales Of Drunken Debauchery

by (author) Noel Boivin & Christopher Lombardo

Don't Get Too Comfortable

The Indignities of Coach Class, The Torments of Low Thread Count, The Never- Ending Quest for Artisanal Olive Oil, and Other First World Problems

by (author) David Rakoff

Neighbours are Watching

by (author) A.A. MacKenzie

Irresponsible Freaks, Highball Guzzlers and Unabashed Grafters

A Bob Edwards Chrestomathy

by (author) Bob Edwards
edited by James Martin
introduction by Allan Fotheringham

The Pleasure of Fools

Essays in the Ethics of Laughter

by (author) Jure Gantar

As The Canoe Tips

Comic Scenes from Canadian Life

by (author) Bill Casselman

Joe from Winnipeg

All My Best

by (author) Ian Ross

You Might As Well Laugh

by (author) Ed Smith

Points of View

by (author) Rex Murphy


by (author) David McGimpsey

Black & White And Read All Over

by (author) Arthur Black

Flash Black

by (author) Arthur Black

Dispatches from the Sporting Life

by (author) Mordecai Richler

Big Rig 2

More Comic Tales from a Long Haul Trucker

by (author) Don McTavish

The Harmon Chronicles

by (author) Harmon Leon

A Year In HineSight

by (author) Anne Hines

Leacock on Life

by (author) Estate of Stephen Leacock
edited by Gerald Lynch

True Lies

The Book of Bad Advice

by (author) Mariko Tamaki

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