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Treasures of World History

The Story Of Civilization in 50 Documents

by (author) Peter Snow & Ann Macmillan

The New Traditional

Heritage, Craftsmanship and Local Identity

edited by Gestalten & B.E.S.I.D.E. Media
guest editor Catherine Métayer

In Truth

A History of Lies from Ancient Rome to Modern America

by (author) Matthew Fraser

Contested Fields

A Global History of Modern Football

by (author) Alan McDougall

Left Transnationalism

The Communist International and the National, Colonial, and Racial Questions

edited by Oleksa Drachewych & Ian McKay


From Microorganisms to Megacities

by (author) Vaclav Smil

The Career of Arthur Hamilton Gordon

First Lord Stanmore 1829-1912

by (author) J.K. Chapman

Empire and Nations

Essays in Honour of Frederic H. Soward

edited by Harvey Dyck & H. Peter Krosby

Energy and Civilization

A History

by (author) Vaclav Smil

Flowers in the Wall

Truth and Reconciliation in Timor-Leste, Indonesia, and Melanesia

edited by David Webster


A History

by (author) Rod Phillips
read by Fajer Al-Kaisi

Island of the Blue Foxes

Disaster and Triumph on Bering's Great Voyage to Alaska

by (author) Stephen R. Bown

Historical Atlas of Early Railways

by (author) Derek Hayes

Singular Case

Debating China’s Political Economy in the European Enlightenment

by (author) Ashley Eva Millar

A Singular Case

Debating China's Political Economy in the European Enlightenment

by (author) Ashley Eva Millar

Between Dispersion and Belonging

Global Approaches to Diaspora in Practice

edited by Amitava Chowdhury & Donald Harman Akenson

A History of Science in Society, Volume I

From the Ancient Greeks to the Scientific Revolution, Third Edition

by (author) Andrew Ede & Lesley B. Cormack

A History of Science in Society, Volume II

From the Scientific Revolution to the Present, Third Edition

by (author) Andrew Ede & Lesley B. Cormack

Discovering the End of Time

Irish Evangelicals in the Age of Daniel O'Connell

by (author) Donald Harman Akenson

Whose Man in Havana?

Adventures from the Far Side of Diplomacy

by (author) John W. Graham
foreword by Robert Bothwell

Disarming Conflict

Why Peace Cannot Be Won on the Battlefield

by (author) Ernie Regehr

Nothing to Lose but Our Fear

Resistance in Dangerous Times

by (author) Fiona Jeffries
interviewee Wendy Mendez, Marcus Rediker, Silvia Federici, David Harvey, Nandita Sharma, John Holloway, Lydia Cacho, Sandra Moran & Gustavo Esteva


The Inspiring Story of Ethiopia's Victory over Mussolini's Invasion, 1935-–1941

by (author) Jeff Pearce
foreword by Richard Pankhurst

Olive Odyssey

Searching for the Secrets of the Fruit That Seduced the World

by (author) Julie Angus

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