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Aboriginal Ontario

Historical Perspectives on the First Nations

edited by Edward S. Rogers & Donald B. Smith

Love Quest

What a Man will do for a Woman

by (author) Don (Carol) Batdorf

People of Terra Nullius

Betrayal and Rebirth in Aboriginal Canada

by (author) Boyce Richardson

The Last Buffalo Hunter

by (author) Mary Weekes

These Mountains Are Our Sacred Places: The Story Of The Stoney Indians

by (author) John Snow

Tangled Webs of History

Indians and the Law in Canada's Pacific Coast Fisheries

by (author) Dianne Newell

As Long as the Rivers Run

Hydroelectric Development and Native Communities

by (author) James B. Waldram

Voices From the Odeyak

by (author) Michael Posluns
foreword by Pete Seeger

More Ah Mo

Indian Legends from the Northwest

by (author) Trenholme Griffin

When Buffalo Ran

by (author) George Bird Grinnell

Twana Narratives

Native Historical Accounts of a Coast Salish Culture

by (author) William W. Elmendorf

Speedy Justice

The Tragic Last Voyage of His Majesty's Vessel Speedy

by (author) Brendan O'Brien

Maps and Dreams

by (author) Hugh Brody

Riel to Reform

Protest West Canada

by (author) G. Melnyk


The Unconquered Country

by (author) Terry Glavin
photographs by Gary Fiegehen & Rick Blacklaws

Indian Tribes/Northern Rockies

compiled by Adolf Hungry Wolf & Beverly Hungry Wolf

Old Man Told Us

by (author) Ruth Holmes Whitehead

People's Land

Inuits, Whites and the Eastern Arctic

by (author) Hugh Brody

Aboriginal Resource Use in Canada

Historical and Legal Aspects

edited by Kerry Abel & Jean Friesen

Power Quest

The Journey into Manhood

by (author) Don (Carol) Batdorf

Hudson Bay Watershed

A Photographic Memoir of the Ojibway, Cree, and Oji-Cree

by (author) John Macfie

The Plains Cree

Trade, Diplomacy, and War, 1790 to 1870

by (author) John S. Milloy

Our Own Master Race

Eugenics in Canada, 1885-1945

by (author) Angus McLaren

Story of the Sechelt Nation

by (author) Lester Peterson

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