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Authenticity and Victimhood after the Second World War

Narratives from Europe and East Asia

edited by Randall Hansen, Achim Saupe, Andreas Wirsching & Daqing Yang

Boom Kids

Growing Up in the Calgary Suburbs, 1950-1970

by (author) James A. Onusko

Prison Elite

How Austrian Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg Survived Nazi Captivity

by (author) Erika Rummel

From Sojourners to Citizens

Alberta's Italian History

by (author) Adriana A. Davies

The Light of Days

The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler's Ghettos

by (author) Judy Batalion

Citizens without Borders

Yugoslavia and Its Migrant Workers in Western Europe

by (author) Brigitte Le Normand

Escape from the Edge

by (author) Morris Schnitzer

In Dreams Together

The Diary of Leslie Fazekas

by (author) Leslie Fazekas

Fool's Gold

The Life and Legacy of Vancouver's Official Town Fool

by (author) Jesse Donaldson

Nova Scotia and the Great Influenza Pandemic, 1918-1920

A Remembrance of the Dead and an Archive for the Living

by (author) Ruth Holmes Whitehead

Diplomacy and the Modern Novel

France, Britain, and the Mission of Literature

edited by Isabelle Daunais & Allan Hepburn

The Wake

The Deadly Legacy of a Newfoundland Tsunami

by (author) Linden MacIntyre

Restoring Democracy in an Age of Populists and Pestilence

by (author) Jonathan Manthorpe

Daring to Hope

by (author) Rachel Lisogurski & Chana Broder

A Cry in Unison

by (author) Judy Cohen

In the Hour of Fate and Danger

by (author) Ferenc Andai

Land of Destiny

by (author) Jesse Donaldson

Too Many Goodbyes: The Diaries of Susan Garfield

Memoirs of Holocaust Survivors from Hungary

by (author) Susan Garfield

The Secret History of Soldiers

How Canadians Survived the Great War

by (author) Tim Cook

Pan American Clippers

The Golden Age of Flying Boats

by (author) James Trautman

The Death of Democracy

Hitler's Rise to Power and the Downfall of the Weimar Republic

by (author) Benjamin Carter Hett


The Remarkable, Untold Story of Frederick Walker "Casey" Baldwin: Gentleman, Genius, and Alexander Graham Bell's Protégé

by (author) John Langley
foreword by Sean Baldwin

In Search of Light

by (author) Martha Salcudean

Enduring Alliance

A History of NATO and the Postwar Global Order

by (author) Timothy Andrews Sayle

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