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Blood Washing Blood

Afghanistan's Hundred-Year War

by (author) Phil Halton

Contact Charlie

The Canadian Army, the Taliban, and the Battle for Afghanistan

by (author) Chris Wattie

Operation Medusa

The Furious Battle That Saved Afghanistan from the Taliban

by (author) Major General David Fraser & Brian Hanington
foreword by David Richards

Among the Walking Wounded

Soldiers, Survival, and PTSD

by (author) John Conrad

Combat Mission Kandahar

The Canadian Experience in Afghanistan

by (author) T. Robert Fowler

No Ordinary Men

Special Operations Forces Missions in Afghanistan

by (author) Bernd Horn
foreword by General T.J. Lawson

Australia and Canada in Afghanistan

Perspectives on a Mission

edited by Jack Cunningham & William Maley

The Dogs Are Eating Them Now

Our War in Afghanistan

by (author) Graeme Smith

Enduring Freedom, Enduring Voices

US Operations in Afghanistan

by (author) Michael G. Walling

Afghanistan Confessions

by (author) Victor Enns

Combat Doctor

Life and Death Stories from Kandahar's Military Hospital

by (author) Marc Dauphin

Afghanistan in the Balance

Counterinsurgency, Comprehensive Approach, and Political Order

by (author) Hans-Georg Ehrhart, Sven Gareis & Charles Pentland

Omar Khadr, Oh Canada

by (author) Janice Williamson

For Your Tomorrow

The Way of an Unlikely Soldier

by (author) Melanie Murray

First Soldiers Down

Canada's Friendly Fire Deaths in Afghanistan

by (author) Ron Corbett
foreword by Pat Stogran

No Easy Task

Fighting in Afghanistan

edited by Bernd Horn & Emily Spencer

Come from the Shadows

The Long and Lonely Struggle for Peace in Afghanistan

by (author) Terry Glavin

Highway of Heroes

True Patriot Love

by (author) Pete Fisher
foreword by W.J. Natynczyk

Line in the Sand

Canadians at War in Kandahar

by (author) Ray Wiss

A Line in the Sand

Canadians at War in Kandahar

by (author) Ray Wiss

Censorship; the Canadian News Media and Afghanistan

A Historical Comparison with Case Studies

by (author) Robert Bergen

Breaking the Silence

Untold Veterans' Stories from the Great War to Afghanistan

by (author) Ted Barris


A Doctor On the Front Lines in Afghanistan - A War Diary

by (author) Ray Wiss


Transition under Threat

edited by Geoffrey Hayes & Mark Sedra

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