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By the Ghost Light

Wars, Memory, and Families

by (author) R.H. Thomson

On the Wings of War and Peace

The RCAF during the Early Cold War

edited by Randall Wakelam, William March & Peter Rayls

Pathway to the Stars

100 Years of the Royal Canadian Air Force

by (author) Michael Hood & Tom Jenkins

In Perpetuity

The First World War Soldiers of the Fredericton War Memorial

edited by James Rowinski

Cold War Over Canada

My true-life adventures and disasters flying jet interceptors for the Royal Canadian Air Force

by (author) E. Scott Maclagan

The Dangerous Harbour

Revealing the Unknown Ships and Wrecks of the Halifax Explosion

by (author) Bob Chaulk

Far From Home

A Memoir of a Twentieth-Century Soldier

by (author) Jeffery Williams

Cracking the Nazi Code

The Untold Story of Canada's Greatest Spy

by (author) Jason Bell

Battle of the Atlantic

Gauntlet to Victory

by (author) Ted Barris

Silent Partners

The Origins and Influence of Canada’s Military-Industrial Complex

edited by Alex Souchen & Matthew S. Wiseman

A War Guest in Canada

by (author) W.A.B. Douglas
foreword by Cynthia R. Comacchio
introduction by Roger Sarty

The Matryoshka Memoirs

A Story of Ukrainian Forced Labour, the Leica Camera Factory, and Nazi Resistance

by (author) Sasha Colby

A War Guest in Canada

by (author) W.A.B. Douglas
foreword by Cynthia R. Comacchio
introduction by Roger Sarty

Love and War

The True Story of William and Edith Lundrigan

by (author) Robert Lundrigan

The Crimean War and Cultural Memory

The War France Won and Forgot

by (author) Sima Godfrey

Canada in Afghanistan

A story of military, diplomatic, political and media failure 2003-2023

by (author) Owen Schalk

Between War and the State

Civil Society in South Vietnam, 1954-1975

by (author) Van Nguyen-Marshall

The Bomb

The Weapon That Changed the World

by (author) Didier Alcante & Laurent-Frédéric Bollée
illustrated by Denis Rodier
translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger

Spy Ships

One Hundred Years of Intelligence Collection by Ships and Submarines

by (author) Norman Polmar & Lee J. Mathers
foreword by Rear Admiral Thomas A. Brooks

Battle On The Ice

by (author) Jean Rae Baxter

Holding Juno

Canada’s Heroic Defence of the D-Day Beaches: June 7-12, 1944

by (author) Mark Zuehlke

Juno Beach

Canada's D-Day Victory: June 6, 1944

by (author) Mark Zuehlke

A Snake on the Heart

History, Mystery, and Truth:The Entangled Journeys of a Biographer and His Nazi Subject

by (author) Patrick Shane Wolfe

Dying for France

Experiencing and Representing the Soldier’s Death, 1500–2000

by (author) Ian Germani

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