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The Best Loved Boat

The Princess Maquinna

by (author) Ian Kennedy

The Edwin Fox

How an Ordinary Sailing Ship Connected the World in the Age of Globalization, 1850-1914

by (author) Boyd Cothran & Adrian Shubert

Pacific Voyages

The Story of Sail in the Great Ocean

by (author) Gordon Miller

Workboats for the World

The Robert Allan Story

by (author) Robert G. Allan
with Peter A. Robson

Queen Anne's Treasure

by (author) Robert

Dead in Halifax: Stories of Adventure, Scandal, Heartbreak and Heroism

by (author) Craig Ferguson

Never Say P*g

The Book of Sailors’ Superstitions

by (author) R. Bruce Macdonald

Atlantic’s Last Stop

Courage, Folly, and Lies in the White Star Line’s Worst Disaster Before Titanic

by (author) Bob Chaulk

Atlantic's Last Stop

Courage, Folly, and Lies in the White Star Line's Worst Disaster Before Titanic

by (author) Robert G. Chaulk

Oak Island Illustrated

The 225-year Search for Truth and Treasure

by (author) John Bell

Sisters of the Ice

The True Story of How St. Roch and North Star of Herschel Island Protected Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

by (author) R. Bruce Macdonald


A Canadian Heritage Story

by (author) Rebecca Quinn

The PS Royal William

The First True Transatlantic Steamer

by (author) Eileen Reid Marcil

The Final Voyage of the Valencia

by (author) Michael C. Neitzel

Atlantic Canada's Greatest Storms

by (author) Dan Soucoup

Around the World in a Dugout Canoe

The Untold Story of Captain John Voss and the Tilikum

by (author) John M. MacFarlane & Lynn J. Salmon

Sailing School

Navigating Science and Skill, 1550-1800

by (author) Margaret E. Schotte

To the Shores of Chile

The Journal and History of the Brouwer Expedition to Valdivia in 1643

by (author) Mark Meuwese


The Story of the Atlantic Ferries and Coastal Boats

by (author) Harry Bruce

Bounty: The Greatest Sea Story of Them All

by (author) Geoff D'Eon

Secret Treasure of Oak Island

The Amazing True Story of a Centuries-Old Treasure Hunt

by (author) D'Arcy O'Connor

Black Flag of the North

Bartholomew Roberts, King of the Atlantic Pirates

by (author) Victor Suthren


On board a legend

by (author) Devyn Kaizer
photographs by Peter Zwicker

Views of the Salish Sea

One Hundred and Fifty Years of Change around the Strait of Georgia

by (author) Howard Macdonald Stewart

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