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Laboratory of Modernity

Ukraine between Empire and Nation, 1772–1914

by (author) Serhiy Bilenky

Russian Liberalism

by (author) Paul Robinson

Stalin's Gamble

The Search for Allies against Hitler, 1930-1936

by (author) Michael Jabara Carley

Monuments for Posterity

Self-Commemoration and the Stalinist Culture of Time

by (author) Antony Kalashnikov

In the Maelstrom

The Waffen-SS 'Galicia' Division and Its Legacy

by (author) Myroslav Shkandrij

Enemy Archives

Soviet Counterinsurgency Operations and the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement - Selections from the Secret Police Archives

edited by Volodymyr Viatrovych & Lubomyr Luciuk
translated by Marta Daria Olynyk

Winning Women's Hearts and Minds

Selling Cold War Culture in the US and the USSR

by (author) Diana Cucuz

Mennonites in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union

Through Much Tribulation

by (author) Leonard G. Friesen

The Russian Refugees

A Family's First Century in Canada

by (author) Michael Andruff

Philosophy of the Name

by (author) Sergii Bulgakov
translated by Thomas Allan Smith

The Ukrainian-Russian Borderland

History versus Geography

by (author) Volodymyr V. Kravchenko

The Worker's Movement and the National Question in Ukraine


by (author) Marko Bojcun

Remapping Cold War Media

Institutions, Infrastructures, Translations

edited by Alice Lovejoy & Mari Pajala
contributions by Katie Trumpener, Rosamund Johnston, Anu Koivunen, Masha Salazkina, Sonja Simonyi, Jaroslav Švelch, Marie Cronqvist, Elena Razlogova, Brangwen Stone, Marla Zubel, Laura Saarenmaa, Petr Szczepanik, Stefano Pisu, Christine Evans, Lars Lundgren & Anikó Imre

Revolutionary Aftereffects

Material, Social, and Cultural Legacies of 1917 in Russia Today

edited by Megan Swift

Soviet Samizdat

Imagining a New Society

by (author) Ann Komaromi

Rethinking the Gulag

Identities, Sources, Legacies

edited by Alan Barenberg & Emily D. Johnson
contributions by Alexander Etkind, Irina Anatolievna Flige, Susan Grunewald, Jeffrey S. Hardy, Mikhail Nakonechnyi, Judith Pallot, Gavin Slade, Lynne Viola, Josephine von Zitzewitz & Sarah J. Young

"Truth Behind Bars"

Reflections on the Fate of the Russian Revolution

by (author) Paul Kellogg

Open Letters

Russian Popular Culture and the Picture Postcard, 1880-1922

by (author) Alison Rowley

In the Midst of Civilized Europe

The Pogroms of 1918-1921 and the Onset of the Holocaust

by (author) Jeffrey Veidlinger


The Year That Made Modern Canada

by (author) Ken Cuthbertson

In the Midst of Civilized Europe:

The Pogroms of 1918-1921 and the Onset of the Holocaust

by (author) Jeffrey Veidlinger

Dostoevsky at 200

The Novel in Modernity

edited by Katherine Bowers & Kate Holland

Russian Conservatism

by (author) Paul Robinson

The Akunin Project

The Mysteries and Histories of Russia's Bestselling Author

edited by Elena V. Baraban & Stephen M. Norris

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