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Past and Present

by (author) Thomas Carlyle
edited by David R. Sorensen & Brent E. Kinser

Making Wonderful

Ideological Roots of Our Eco-Catastrophe

by (author) Martin Tweedale

Enemy Archives

Soviet Counterinsurgency Operations and the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement - Selections from the Secret Police Archives

edited by Volodymyr Viatrovych & Lubomyr Luciuk
translated by Marta Daria Olynyk

Patterns of Plague

Changing Ideas about Plague in England and France, 1348-1750

by (author) Lori Jones

Marriage, Separation, and Divorce in England, 1500-1700

by (author) K.J. Kesselring & Tim Stretton

A History of Science in Society

From Philosophy to Utility, Fourth Edition

by (author) Andrew Ede & Lesley B. Cormack

Complete Gentlemen

Educational Travel and Family Strategy, 1650-1750

by (author) Richard Ansell

In the House of the Hanged

Essays and Vers Libres

by (author) Sasha Sokolov
translated by Alexander Boguslawski

Time on a Human Scale

Experiencing the Present in Europe, 1860-1930

edited by Julian Wright & Allegra Fryxell

In the Midst of Civilized Europe

The Pogroms of 1918-1921 and the Onset of the Holocaust

by (author) Jeffrey Veidlinger

In the Midst of Civilized Europe:

The Pogroms of 1918-1921 and the Onset of the Holocaust

by (author) Jeffrey Veidlinger

Monty and the Canadian Army

A Military Triumph

by (author) John A. English

Strategy and Command

The Anglo-French Coalition on the Western Front, 1915

by (author) Roy A. Prete

Questions of Order

Confederation and the Making of Modern Canada

by (author) Peter Price

The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Middle-Eastern and North African History

edited by Jens Hanssen & Amal N. Ghazal

Red Saxony

Election battles and the Spectre of Democracy in Germany, 1860-1918

by (author) James Retallack

Sweet and Clean?

Bodies and Clothes in Early Modern England

by (author) Susan North

St Petersburg Dialogues

Or Conversations on the Temporal Government of Providence

by (author) Joseph de Maistre
edited by Richard A. Lebrun

Epidemics and the Modern World

by (author) Mitchell Hammond

This Pilgrim Nation

The Making of the Portuguese Diaspora in Postwar North America

by (author) Gilberto Fernandes

The Origins of Agnosticism

Victorian Unbelief and the Limits of Knowledge

by (author) Bernard Lightman

Propaganda in Revolutionary Ukraine

Leaflets, Pamphlets, and Cartoons, 1917-1922

by (author) Stephen Velychenko

Cold War Exiles and the CIA

Plotting to Free Russia

by (author) Benjamin Tromly

Lives Uncovered

A Sourcebook of Early Modern Europe

edited by Nicholas Terpstra

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