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How We Sipped, Danced, and Stumbled Our Way to Civilization

by (author) Edward Slingerland
read by Tom Parks

Treasures of World History

The Story Of Civilization in 50 Documents

by (author) Peter Snow & Ann MacMillan

Everyday Evil

Why Our World Is the Way It Is

by (author) Monique Layton

Epidemics and the Modern World

by (author) Mitchell Hammond

Epidemics and the Modern World

by (author) Mitchell Hammond

The Mosquito

A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator

by (author) Timothy C. Winegard

History and Chronology of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt

Seven Studies

by (author) Donald Redford

Coastal Demes of Attika

A Study of the Policy of Kleisthenes

by (author) C.W.J. Eliot


Culture, Wonder, and Our Relationship with the Written Word

by (author) Ted Bishop


From Religion to Revolution: How Civilization Has Changed Over a Thousand Years

by (author) Ian Mortimer
read by John Lee


Emperors, Kings, Entrepreneurs - A Brief History of Real Estate Development

by (author) Herb Auerbach & Ira Nadel

The Letter and the Cosmos

How the Alphabet Has Shaped the Western View of the World

by (author) Laurence de Looze

The Social Life of Ink

Culture Wonder And Our Relationship With The Written Word

by (author) Ted Bishop

Corporate Character

Representing Imperial Power in British India, 1786-1901

by (author) Eddy Kent


How Islands Transform the World

by (author) J. Edward Chamberlin

Belonging and Isolation in the Hellenistic World

by (author) Sheila Ager & Reimer Faber

Rewriting Marpole

The Path to Cultural Complexity in the Gulf of Georgia

by (author) Terence N. Clark

L’exploitation du phoque à l’embouchure du Saguenay par les Iroquoiens de 1000 à 1534

by (author) Michel Plourde

The Energy of Slaves

Oil and the New Servitude

by (author) Andrew Nikiforuk

Imperial Republics

Revolution, War and Territorial Expansion from the English Civil War to the French Revolution

by (author) Edward Andrew

Correspondence of Erasmus

Letters 2082 to 2203

by (author) Desiderius Erasmus & James M. Estes
translated by Alexander Dalzell

The Civilization of the Italian Renaissance

A Sourcebook, Second Edition

edited by Kenneth Bartlett

Eastern Dreams

How The Arabian Nights Came To The World

by (author) Paul McMichael Nurse

Sex Bombs and Burgers

How War Porn And Fast Food Created Technology As We Know It

by (author) Peter Nowak

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