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The Oxford Handbook of Rhetorical Studies

by (author) Michael J. MacDonald

Euripidean Drama

Myth, Theme and Structure

by (author) Desmond Conacher

Epistola ad Joannem Millium

by (author) Richard Bentley
introduction by G.P. Goold

Coastal Demes of Attika

A Study of the Policy of Kleisthenes

by (author) C.W.J. Eliot

Creatures Born of Mud and Slime

The Wonder and Complexity of Spontaneous Generation

by (author) Daryn Lehoux

The Oxford Handbook of Rhetorical Studies

edited by Michael MacDonald

Houses of Ill Repute

The Archaeology of Brothels, Houses, and Taverns in the Greek World

edited by Allison Glazebrook & Barbara Tsakirgis

Children and Childhood in Classical Athens

by (author) Mark Golden

Belonging and Isolation in the Hellenistic World

by (author) Sheila Ager & Reimer Faber

Ancient Coins of the Graeco-Roman World

The Nickle Numismatic Papers

by (author) Waldemar Heckel & Richard Sullivan

Onward to the Olympics

Historical Perspectives on the Olympic Games

edited by Gerald P. Schaus & Stephen R. Wenn

Heirs of Achilles

by (author) Alan Edouard Samuel

The Legend of Dion

by (author) Lionel Jehuda Sanders

The Beginnings of History

Herodotus and the Persian Wars

by (author) James Allan Evans

Athenian Proxenies of the 5th Century

by (author) Michael Walbank

The Tradition of the Trojan War in Homer and the Epic Cycle

by (author) Jonathan S. Burgess

Roman Patrons of Greek Cities

by (author) Claude Eilers

Law and Social Status in Classical Athens

edited by Virginia Hunter & Jonathan Edmondson

A History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder

by (author) J.R. Partington
introduction by Bert S. Hall

Boiotia and the Boiotian League, 432-371 B.C.

by (author) Robert J. Buck

Greeks In History

by (author) Alan Samuel

Theopompus The Historian

by (author) Gordon S. Shrimpton

Monumental Tombs of the Hellenistic Age

A Study of Selected Tombs from the Pre-Classical to the Early Imperial Era

by (author) Janos Fedak

The Athenians and Their Empire

by (author) Malcolm McGregor

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