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The Roman Soldier's (Unofficial) Manual
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Pharaoh's Tomb

From the Author

Ancient Egypt has a culture that spanned over four thousand years and ended around two thousand years ago. What this means is that you could read a vast amount about Ancient Egypt, and it wouldn't agree with the time to which Susan traveled.For example, there are no pyramids in this story. Susan never sees a pyramid, and yet for a large part of Egyptian history, they were a very important part of life.

Some of the names I have used have become the most common words in our time, but were actually introduced by later Greek pharaohs. In fact Pharaoh is a Greek term for the king but has become so common that I have used it here. Nile is also the Greek name for the great river which features so prominently in all
Ancient Egyptian history.

Tuthmoses I is, they believe, the first pharaoh to be buried in the Valley of the Kings. So that the tomb Susan visits and the tomb of this story is only the second one to be dug in the valley. Research and exploration is still ongoing in Egypt. They often find new tombs or decipher a newly found manuscript, which can offer new insights into a life. At the time of this writing, nobody knows for sure how Tuthmoses II died.

What I have tried to convey in Susan's adventures is a sense of what life would have been like in the time of Tuthmoses II and Hatshepsut. If you are interested in learning more about this period in history,there are many,
many books on offer.

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Deadly Arena Sports of Ancient Rome
also available: Hardcover
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