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The Joint Arctic Weather Stations

Science and Sovereignty in the High Arctic, 1946-1972

by (author) Daniel Heidt & P. Whitney Lackenbauer

The Gifts of Africa

How a Continent and Its People Changed the World

by (author) Jeff Pearce

Feeling Feminism

Activism, Affect, and Canada’s Second Wave

edited by Lara Campbell, Michael Dawson & Catherine Gidney

Search for the Unknown

Canada's UFO Files and the Rise of Conspiracy Theory

by (author) Matthew Hayes

Henry Daniel and the Rise of Middle English Medical Writing

edited by Sarah Star

Killing Bugs for Business and Beauty

Canada's Aerial War against Forest Pests, 1913-1930

by (author) Mark Kuhlberg

The Sas 'Deniables'

Special Forces Operations, denied by the Authorities, from Vietnam to the War on Terror

by (author) Tony May

My Grandfather's Knife

Hidden Stories from the Second World War

by (author) Joseph Pearson

Out of Hiding

Holocaust Literature of British Columbia

by (author) Alan Twigg
afterword by Yosef Wosk

Nova Scotia's Historic Inland Communities

The Gathering Places and Settlements that Shaped the Province

by (author) Joan Dawson

Know It All

Finding the Impossible Country

by (author) James H. Marsh

The Heart of Toronto

Corporate Power, Civic Activism, and the Remaking of Downtown Yonge Street

by (author) Daniel Ross

Scandalous Conduct

Canadian Officer Courts Martial, 1914–45

by (author) Matthew Barrett

Apostles of Inequality

Rural Poverty, Political Economy, and the Economist, 1760-1860

by (author) Jim Handy

Who By Fire

War, Atonement, and the Resurrection of Leonard Cohen

by (author) Matti Friedman

Talking to the Story Keepers

Tales from the Chilcotin Plateau

by (author) Sage Birchwater

Hastings Mill

The Historic Times of a Vancouver Community

by (author) Lisa Anne Smith

The 2006 Season at Tall al-‘Umayri and Subsequent Studies

edited by Larry G. Herr, Douglas R. Clark, Lawrence T. Geraty & Monique D. Vincent

Sephardi Voices

The Untold Expulsion of Jews from Arab Lands

by (author) Henry Green & Richard Stursberg

Spiritualizing Politics without Politicizing Religion

The Example of Sargent Shriver

by (author) James R. Price & Kenneth R. Melchin

Ворожий чужинець

Справжня історія життя за колючим дротом

translated by Kassandra Luciuk
illustrated by nicole burton

Marriage, Separation, and Divorce in England, 1500-1700

by (author) K.J. Kesselring & Tim Stretton

In Those Days: Inuit and Explorers

Inuit and Explorers

by (author) Kenn Harper

The Acid Room

The Psychedelic Trials and Tribulations of Hollywood Hospital

by (author) Jesse Donaldson & Erika Dyck

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