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Tiger, Tiger

by (author) Johanna Skibsrud

Sasquatch: Apes Among Us

the Apes Among Us

by (author) John Green

The Lost Chord

A Novel

edited by Michael B. Davie


The Bestselling Debut Novel

edited by Michael B. Davie

All the Beloved Ghosts

by (author) Alison MacLeod

The Utopia Chronicles

by (author) Matthew Mather

The High Mountains of Portugal

A Novel

by (author) Yann Martel

The Island of Books

by (author) Dominique Fortier
translated by Rhonda Mullins

Autobiography of Red

A Novel in Verse

by (author) Anne Carson


by (author) Joseph Boyden

The Alchemist's Code

by (author) Dave Duncan
read by Victor Bevine

Russian Hominology

The Bayanov Papers - Fact & Folklore

by (author) Dmitri Bayanov & Christopher Murphy

The High Mountains of Portugal

A Novel

by (author) Yann Martel

The Yoga Zapper - A Novel

by (author) Mohan Ashtakala

Asian Wild Man, The

Yeti Yeren & Almasty Cultural aspects & evidence of reality

by (author) Jean-Paul Debenat
edited by Paul Leblond

Discovering Cadborosaurus

by (author) Paul Leblond & John Kirk

Port Abundance

A Voyage of Self Discovery

by (author) J.F. Tallon

Revenge of the Grand Narrative

by (author) Rosenbaum Richard

Parallel Rivers

by (author) Michael Kenyon

Waiting for the Man

by (author) Arjun Basu


narrator Andre Alexis

The Glorious Mysteries

by (author) Audrey Whitson

Becoming Indigo

by (author) Tara Taylor & Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Monster Trilogy Guidebook, The

How to find a bigfoot, a yeti, and the Loch Ness monster

by (author) Peter Byrne & Christopher L. Murphy

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