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Dad Bod

Portraits of Pop Culture Papas

by (author) Cian Cruise


by (author) Edoardo Maturo
translated by Sándor Anthony Vezér
illustrated by Meredith Wolting
cover design or artwork by Alice Iuri
general editor Claudia Tavernese
prepared for publication by TheWorldofDot

Little Victories: Autism Through a Father's Eyes (Graphic Novel)

by (author) Yvon Roy


Fathers, sons, a portrait

by (author) David Macfarlane

Swimming Aimlessly

One Man's Journey through Infertility and What We Can All Learn from It

by (author) Jon Waldman

Forty Fathers

Men Talk about Parenting

edited by Tessa Lloyd
foreword by Peter Mansbridge

Do You Ever Cry, Dad?

A Father's Guide to Surviving Family Breakup

by (author) I.J. Schecter

The Nova Scotia Book of Fathers

edited by Lesley Choyce & Julia Swan

Becoming a Kind Father

A Son's Journey

by (author) Calvin Sandborn
narrator Michael Puttonen

The Dad Dialogues

A Correspondence on Fatherhood (and the Universe)

by (author) George Bowering & Charles Demers

Father's Message in a Bottle

Loving Letters for Life

edited by Tyler Hayden

Cleopatra at the Breakfast Table

Why I Studied Latin With My Teenager and How I Discovered the Daughterland

by (author) Peter O'Brien

Raising Boys in a New Kind of World

by (author) Michael Reist

A Man's Work is Never Done

A Novel About Mentoring our Sons

by (author) James Cloughly


A Memoir of Rebellion, Drugs and Fatherhood

by (author) Christopher Shulgan

Fatherhood 4.0

New iDad Application Across Cultures

by (author) Dalton Higgins

Great Expectations

Twenty-Four True Stories about Childbirth

translated by Lisa Moore & Dede Crane

Nobody's Father

Life Without Kids

edited by Bruce Gillespie & Lynne Van Luven

The Film Club

A True Story of a Father and a Son

by (author) David Gilmour

Becoming the Kind Father (PDF)

A Son's Journey

by (author) Calvin Sandborn

Becoming the Kind Father

A Son's Journey

by (author) Calvin Sandborn

Dads Under Construction

Adventures in Fatherhood

by (author) Neil Campbell