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Trust Kids!

Stories on Youth Autonomy and Confronting Adult Supremacy

by (author) carla bergman
foreword by Matt Hern

Frequently Asked White Questions

by (author) Ajay Parasram & Alex Khasnabish

And Then There Was Maggie

by (author) Keith Weaver

Cruel But Not Unusual

Violence in Families in Canada, 3rd Edition

edited by Ramona Alaggia & Cathy Vine

nehiyawetan kikinahk? / Speaking Cree in the Home

A Beginner's Guide for Families

by (author) Andrea Custer & Belinda Daniels
foreword by Solomon Ratt
illustrated by Lana Whiskeyjack

Bitter Melanin

by (author) Andi Vicente

Conflicted Scars

An Average Player’s Journey to the NHL

by (author) Justin Davis
foreword by Brian Kilrea

Hockey Moms

The Heart of the Game

by (author) Theresa Bailey & Terry Marcotte

The Audacity

Why Being Too Much Is Exactly Enough

by (author) Katherine Ryan

The Last Doctor

Lessons in Living from the Front Lines of Medical Assistance in Dying

by (author) Jean Marmoreo & Johanna Schneller

Your Place or Mine?

Practical Advice for Developing a Co-Parenting Arrangement After Separation

by (author) Charlotte Schwartz

Holden After and Before

Love Letter for a Son Lost to Overdose

by (author) Tara McGuire

Death Interrupted

How Modern Medicine Is Complicating the Way We Die

by (author) Blair Bigham

The Castleton Massacre

Survivors’ Stories of the Killins Femicide

by (author) Sharon Anne Cook & Margaret Carson

Ordinary Deaths

Stories from Memory

by (author) Samuel LeBaron

The Bright Side

A Happy Book About a Sad Year

by (author) Cathrin Bradbury

Hemingway's Widow

The Life and Legacy of Mary Welsh Hemingway

by (author) Timothy Christian

Butter-Side Up

How I Survived My Most Terrible Year and Created My Super Awesome Life

by (author) Jane Enright

Dad Bod

Portraits of Pop Culture Papas

by (author) Cian Cruise

The Sister's Tale

by (author) Beth Powning

Best Hikes and Nature Walks with Kids in and Around Southwestern British Columbia

by (author) Stephen Hui
foreword by Myia Antone


an anthology

edited by Anne Sorbie & Heidi Grogan

Good Mom on Paper

Writers on Creativity and Motherhood

edited by Stacey May Fowles & Jen Sookfong Lee

Send Me Into the Woods Alone

Essays on Motherhood

by (author) Erin Pepler

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