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Not of Reason

A Recipe for Outrunning Sadness

by (author) Rita Moir

Under the Bright Sky

A Memoir of Travels through Asia

by (author) Andrew Scott

Confessions of an Animal Rights Terrorist

by (author) Karen Levenson

A Womb in the Shape of a Heart

My story of Miscarriage and Motherhood

by (author) Joanne Gallant

They Said This Would Be Fun

Race, Campus Life, and Growing Up

by (author) Eternity Martis

Love or Die Trying

How I Lost It All, Died, and Came Back for Love

by (author) Bob Ramsay

Mediating High Conflict Disputes

by (author) Bill Eddy & Michael Lomax

Dad Up!

Long-Time Comedian. First-Time Father.

by (author) Steve Patterson


A Memoir

by (author) Brent LaPorte

Little Victories: Autism Through a Father's Eyes

by (author) Yvon Roy

The Sister's Tale

A novel

by (author) Beth Powning


Fathers, sons, a portrait

by (author) David Macfarlane

Measuring Up

A Memoir of Fathers and Sons

by (author) Dan Robson

Breathe Cry Breathe

From Sorrow to Strength in the Aftermath of Sudden, Tragic Loss

by (author) Catherine Gourdier

A Life's Work

On Becoming a Mother

by (author) Rachel Cusk

Dispatches from Ray's Planet

by (author) Claire Finlayson

Food to Grow On

The Ultimate Guide to Childhood Nutrition--From Pregnancy to Packed Lunches

by (author) Sarah Remmer & Cara Rosenbloom

How to Eat with One Hand

Recipes and Other Nourishment for New and Expectant Parents

by (author) Christine Flynn & Emma Knight

This One Wild Life

A Mother-Daughter Wilderness Memoir

by (author) Angie Abdou

Senior Moment

Navigating the Challenges of Caring for Mom

by (author) Monica Graham

With Your Words in My Hands

The Letters of Antonietta Petris and Loris Palma

edited by Sonia Cancian
foreword by Antonietta Petris
afterword by Donna R. Gabaccia

My Own Blood

A Memoir

by (author) Ashley Bristowe

Swimming Aimlessly

One Man's Journey through Infertility and What We Can All Learn from It

by (author) Jon Waldman

My Mother's Daughter

A Memoir of Struggle and Triumph

by (author) Perdita Felicien

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