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The Book of Malcolm

My Son's Life with Schizophrenia

by (author) Fraser Sutherland
foreword by Carmine Starnino
afterword by John Pepall

Late-Life Homelessness

Experiences of Disadvantage and Unequal Aging

by (author) Amanda Grenier

These are the Stories

Memories of a 60s Scoop Survivor

by (author) Christine Smith

Beauty in Love and Sorrows

by (author) Sheila Atienza

Chasing Zebras

A Memoir of Genetics, Mental Health and Writing

by (author) Margaret Nowaczyk

Insurgent Love

Abolition and Domestic Homicide

by (author) Ardath Whynacht

Well Aged

Making the Most of Your Platinum Years

by (author) Ralph Milton

Uncommon Sense

An Autistic Memoir

by (author) Adam Mardero

Breastfeeding and the Pursuit of Happiness

by (author) Phyllis L.F. Rippey

Any Kind of Luck at All

A Memoir

by (author) Mary Fairhurst Breen

The Light Streamed Beneath It

A Memoir of Grief and Celebration

by (author) Shawn Hitchins

Special Topics in Being a Human

A Queer and Tender Guide to Things I've Learned the Hard Way about Caring For People, Including Myself

by (author) S. Bear Bergman
illustrated by Saul Freedman-Lawson

Persephone's Children

A Life in Fragments

by (author) Rowan McCandless

Among Silent Echoes

A Memoir of Trauma and Resilience

by (author) Phyllis Dyson

Three Funerals for My Father

Love, Loss and Escape from Vietnam

by (author) Jolie Phuong Hoang

The Audacity

by (author) Katherine Ryan

A Womb in the Shape of a Heart

My Story of Miscarriage and Motherhood

by (author) Joanne Gallant

Down Home for Christmas

Holiday Stories from Atlantic Canada

by (author) Julia Swan
edited by Lesley W. Choyce

My Mother, My Translator

by (author) Jaspreet Singh

Open Every Window

A Memoir

by (author) Jane Munro

How to Lose Everything

A Memoir

by (author) Christa Couture

Not of Reason

A Recipe for Outrunning Sadness

by (author) Rita Moir

Under the Bright Sky

A Memoir of Travels through Asia

by (author) Andrew Scott

Confessions of an Animal Rights Terrorist

by (author) Karen Levenson

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