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Browse Books in Adoption & Fostering

Can't Help Falling

A Long Road to Motherhood

by (author) Tarah Schwartz

These are the Stories

Memories of a 60s Scoop Survivor

by (author) Christine Smith

Atlas of Roots

by (author) Beth Kope

Small Courage

A Queer Memoir of Finding Love and Conceiving Family

by (author) Jane Byers

Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related.

A Memoir

by (author) Jenny Heijun Wills

Steeped in Blood

Adoption, Identity, and the Meaning of Family

by (author) Frances J. Latchford

Thicker than Blood

Adoptive Parenting in the Modern World

by (author) Marion Crook


The Fight for Adoption Disclosure and the Search for My Son

by (author) Marilyn Churley

Not Exactly As Planned

A Memoir of Adoption, Secrets and Abiding Love

by (author) Linda Rosenbaum


An Adoption Memoir

by (author) Maurice Mierau

God Don't Make No Junk

by (author) Peggy MacTaggart

As I Remember It

by (author) Tara Lee Morin

Somebody’s Child

Stories about Adoption

edited by Bruce Gillespie & Lynne Van Luven
foreword by Michaela Pereira

The Traffic in Babies

Cross-Border Adoption and Baby-Selling between the United States and Canada, 1930-1972

by (author) Karen Balcom

Fostering Nation?

Canada Confronts Its History of Childhood Disadvantage

by (author) Veronica Strong-Boag

Labours of Love

Canadians Talk About Adoption

by (author) Deborah A. Brennan

The Lucky Ones

Our Stories of Adopting Children from China

edited by Ann Rauhala
foreword by Jan Wong


The Shipment of Poor Children to Canada, 1867-1917

by (author) Roy Parker

Written in the Flesh

A History of Desire

by (author) Edward Shorter

Parenting Your Adopted Older Child

How to Overcome the Unique Challenges and Raise a Happy and Healthy Child

by (author) Brenda McCreight

As If Kids Mattered

What's Wrong In The World Of Child Protection And Adoption

by (author) Marlene Webber

Practice Imperfect

Reflections on a Career in Social Work

memoir by Rae Tucker Rambally

A Mother's Adoption Journey

by (author) Darlene Ryan

The Face in the Mirror

Teenagers and Adoption

by (author) Marion Crook

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