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The Art of the Possible

An Everyday Guide to Politics

by (author) Edward Keenan
illustrated by Julie McLaughlin

Spirit Animals

Meanings & Stories

by (author) Wayne Arthurson

School Days Around the World

by (author) Margriet Ruurs
illustrated by Alice Feagan

Take Action!

A Guide to Active Citizenship

by (author) Marc Kielburger & Craig Kielburger

Branching Out

How Trees Are Part of Our World

by (author) Joan Marie Galat
drawings by Wendy Ding

Why We Live Where We Live

by (author) Kira Vermond
illustrated by Julie McLaughlin


A Mind-Bending New Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers

by (author) David J. Smith
illustrated by Steve Adams

Egyptian Diary

The Journal of Nakht

by (author) Richard Platt
illustrated by David Parkins

Severn and the Day She Silenced the World

by (author) Janet Wilson


Celebrating the World's Languages

by (author) Jude Isabella
illustrated by Kathy Boake

Canada Close Up: Canadian Government

by (author) Elizabeth MacLeod

Explore Native American Cultures!

With 25 Great Projects

by (author) Anita Yasuda
illustrated by Jennifer K. Keller

How to Build Your Own Country

by (author) Valerie Wyatt
illustrated by Fred Rix

Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, The

by (author) Diane Silvey
illustrated by John Mantha

I Have the Right to Be a Child

by (author) Alain Serres
illustrated by Aurélia Fronty
translated by Helen Mixter

Shannen and the Dream for a School

by (author) Janet Wilson

Dot to Dot in the Sky: Stories of the Zodiac

by (author) Joan Marie Galat
illustrated by Lorna Bennett

Gangs /hcj

A Groundwork Guide

by (author) Richard Swift
series edited by Jane Springer

You Just Can't Help It!

Your Guide to the Wild and Wacky World of Human Behavior

by (author) Jeff Szpirglas
illustrated by Josh Holinaty


by (author) Stanley Weitzman

Scary Folktales

by (author) Megan Kopp

This Child, Every Child

A Book about the World’s Children

by (author) David J. Smith
illustrated by Shelagh Armstrong

Yes You Can!

Your Guide to Becoming an Activist

by (author) Jane Drake & Ann Love

Population Patterns: What factors determine the location and growth of human settlements?

by (author) Natalie Hyde

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