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Why Do We Fight?

Conflict, War, and Peace

by (author) Niki Walker

A Ticket Around the World

by (author) Natalia Diaz & Melissa Owens
illustrated by Kim Smith

A Boy From Acadie

Roméo Leblanc's Journey to Rideau Hall

by (author) Beryl Young
illustrated by Maurice Cormier


From Solstice to Santa

by (author) Nikki Tate & Dani Tate-Stratton

After Life

Ways We Think About Death

by (author) Merrie-Ellen Wilcox

2018 Orca Origins Collection

edited by Orca Book Publishers

My Buddy, Dido!

by (author) Marion Mutala
illustrated by Olha Tkachenko

The Northern Lights

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Diane Ellis

Walking in the City with Jane

A Story of Jane Jacobs

by (author) Susan Hughes
illustrated by Valérie Boivin

From the Heart of Africa

A book of Wisdom

compiled by Eric Walters

Speaking Our Truth

A Journey of Reconciliation

by (author) Monique Gray Smith


Your Body and the Science of Security

by (author) Maria Birmingham
illustrated by Ian Turner

Get Involved: Democracy

by (author) Joy Kita

More Babas, Please!

by (author) Marion Mutala
illustrated by Olha Tkachenko


How Families Around the World Carry Their Little Ones

by (author) Susan Hughes
illustrated by Ashley Barron

Families Around the World

by (author) Margriet Ruurs
illustrated by Jessica Rae Gordon


Beyond Cake and Ice Cream

by (author) Nikki Tate & Dani Tate-Stratton

Lonely Planet Unfolding Journeys Rocky Mountain Explorer 1st Ed.

by (author) Lonely Planet Kids & Stewart Ross
illustrated by Annie Davidson

Fight to Learn

The Struggle to Go to School

by (author) Laura Scandiffio

Dot to Dot in the Sky: Stories of the Aurora

The Myths and Facts of the Northern Lights

by (author) Joan Marie Galat
illustrated by Lorna Bennett

Half-Truths and Brazen Lies

An Honest Look at Lying

by (author) Kira Vermond & Clayton Hanmer


by (author) Shelley Rotner & Sheila M. Kelly

The Art of the Possible

An Everyday Guide to Politics

by (author) Edward Keenan
illustrated by Julie McLaughlin

An Inuksuk Means Welcome

by (author) Mary Wallace

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