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Germy Science

The Sick Truth about Getting Sick (and Staying Healthy)

by (author) Edward Kay
illustrated by Mike Shiell

Germ Theory for Babies

by (author) Chris Ferrie, Neal Goldstein & Joanna Suder

Pandemics for Babies

by (author) Chris Ferrie, Neal Goldstein & Joanna Suder

What Kids Did

Stories of Kindness and Invention In the Time of COVID-19

by (author) Erin Silver

The Boy Who Moved Christmas

by (author) Eric Walters & Nicole Wellwood
illustrated by Carloe Liu


How a Simple Soap Saved the Day

by (author) Suzanne Belliveau

What Is COVID-19?

Engaging Readers, Level 1

by (author) Alexis Roumanis

Sky of Bombs, Sky of Stars

A Vietnamese War Orphan Finds Home

by (author) Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

Tastes Like Music

17 Quirks of the Brain and Body

by (author) Maria Birmingham
illustrated by Monika Melnychuk

It's Catching

The Infectious World of Germs and Microbes

by (author) Jennifer Gardy
illustrated by Josh Holinaty

Pandemic Survival

It's Why You're Alive

by (author) Ann Love & Jane Drake
illustrated by Bill Slavin

Rats Around Us

by (author) Rachel Eagen

Bloodsucking Lice and Fleas

by (author) Ellen Rodger

Buzz off, Flies!

by (author) Rachel Eagen

Termites and Other Home Wreckers

by (author) Marguerite Rodger

Scurrying Cockroaches

by (author) Jon Eben Field

Feasting Bedbugs, Mites, and Ticks

by (author) Carrie Gleason

Something to Prove

The story of hockey tough guy Bobby Clarke

by (author) Nicole Mortillaro

Patrick's Wish

by (author) Karen Mitchell & Rebecca Upjohn

Healing Our World

Inside Doctors Without Borders

by (author) David Morley