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Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings

Joy, Suprise, Anger, Love, Fear, Sadness, Serenity

text by Robin Bright
illustrated by Animation Cafe

The Wishing Machine

by (author) Jonathan Hillman
illustrated by Nadia Alam

Aliya’s Secret

A Story of Ramadan

by (author) Farida Zaman

Pine Island Visitors

by (author) Polly Horvath

Do You Remember?

by (author) Sydney Smith

Cone Dog

by (author) Sarah Howden
illustrated by Carmen Mok

Jeffrey Loves Blue

by (author) Loretta Garbutt
illustrated by Lily Snowden-Fine

Brave Like the Buffalo

by (author) Melissa Allan
illustrated by Jadyn Fischer-McNab

Tiny Barbarian Conquers the Kraken!

by (author) Ame Dyckman
illustrated by Ashley Spires


illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

I Am Ready for School!

by (author) Stephen Krensky
illustrated by Sara Gillingham

Emi & Mini

by (author) Hanako Masutani & Stéphane Jorisch

Mr. S

A First Day of School Book

illustrated by Monica Arnaldo

Lucy Tries Team Sports Four Pack

by (author) Lisa Bowes
illustrated by James Hearne

My Afternoon Guest

by (author) Aaron Zevy
illustrated by Jeric Tan

Once I Was a Bear

illustrated by Irene Luxbacher

When You Can Swim

illustrated by Jack Wong

Otis & Peanut

by (author) Naseem Hrab
illustrated by Kelly Collier

Lucy joue au baseball

by (author) Lisa Bowes
illustrated by James Hearne
translated by Rachel Martinez

Lucy juega al béisbol

by (author) Lisa Bowes
illustrated by James Hearne
translated by Lawrence Schimel

Lucy Tries Baseball

by (author) Lisa Bowes
illustrated by James Hearne

The Journey of The Little Prince

With stars that glow in the dark!

text by Corinne Delporte
illustrated by Antoine Saint-Exupéry
translated by Robin Bright

The Invitation

by (author) Stacey May Fowles
illustrated by Marie Lafrance

Serge the Snail Without A Shell

by (author) Harriet Alida Lye

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