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PAWS: Mindy Makes Some Space

by (author) Nathan Fairbairn
illustrated by Michele Assarasakorn

The Little Hunter

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Deborah Thomas
consultant editor Philipoosie Arragutainaq
illustrated by D.J. Herron

The Great Ball Game

How Bat Settles the Rivalry between the Animals and the Birds; A Circle Round Book

by (author) Rebecca Sheir
illustrated by Joshua Pawis-Steckley

Histoires de guerre

by (author) Gordon Korman

Les super six du hockey 5 : Pris au jeu

illustrated by Kevin Sylvester

La souris qui portait une maison sur son dos

by (author) Jonathan Stutzman
illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

Super Family! (Simon and Chester Book #3)

by (author) Cale Atkinson

My Fade Is Fresh

by (author) Shauntay Grant
illustrated by Kitt Thomas

Scaredy Squirrel Visits the Doctor

by (author) Mélanie Watt

A Real Friend

English Edition

by (author) Shawna Thomson
illustrated by Emma Pedersen

This is it, Lark Harnish

by (author) Laura Best

Abalone Woman

by (author) Teoni Spathelfer
illustrated by Natassia Davies

The Power of the Pearl Earrings

by (author) Linda Trinh
illustrated by Clayton Nguyen

Weird Rules to Follow

by (author) Kim Spencer

C’est MON chandail!

illustrated by Jessika von Innerebner

The Secret of the Jade Bangle

by (author) Linda Trinh
illustrated by Clayton Nguyen

Arthur Who Wrote Sherlock

by (author) Linda Bailey
illustrated by Isabelle Follath

Spencer the Siksik Solves a Problem

English Edition

by (author) Nadia Sammurtok & Shawna Thomson
illustrated by Valentina Jaskina


by (author) Marla Lesage

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

by (author) Mac Barnett
illustrated by Jon Klassen

My Sister's Girlfriend

by (author) Gail Schwartz & Lucie Gagnon

Beautiful You, Beautiful Me

by (author) Tasha Spillett-Sumner
illustrated by Salini Perera

The Perfect Cake

by (author) Yolanda Gampp & Karen Kilpatrick
illustrated by Jared MacPherson

Phoenix Gets Greater

by (author) Marty Wilson-Trudeau
illustrated by Megan Kyak-Monteith
with Phoenix Wilson

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