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Red Corduroy Shirt

by (author) Joseph Kertes

No Boys Club /tp

by (author) Ho Che Anderson

Lilly's Good Deed

by (author) Brenda Bellingham
illustrated by Kathy Kaulbach

Emily, Moonshine and Sister Goose

by (author) Suzanne Lansonius

Good For You, Mikey Mite

by (author) Gilles Gauthier
illustrated by Pierre-André Derome
translated by Sarah Cummins

Water Fight!

by (author) Michele Martin Bossley

Frankie Zapper and the Disappearing Teacher

by (author) Linda Rogers
illustrated by Rick VanKrugel

Tales of a Gambling Grandma

by (author) Dayal Kaur Khalsa

Cassandra's Driftwood

illustrated by Terry Roscoe
by (author) Budge Wilson

Doctor's Sweetheart

by (author) L.M. Montgomery

The O-Team

by (author) Duane Jahns

Nip and Tuck

by (author) Robert McConnell
illustrated by James Watling

Norbert Nipkin

by (author) Robert McConnell
illustrated by Steve Pilcher

Chronicles Of Avonlea

by (author) L.M. Montgomery

Karen Keeps Her Word

by (author) Kit Hood & Linda Schuyler
with Eve Jennings

Griff Makes a Date

And Other Stories

by (author) Kit Hood & Linda Schuyler
with Eve Jennings

The Friendship Solution/My Father's Ghost

by (author) Aristides Yerou & Barry Dickson
illustrated by Barbara Di Lella

I Love My Babysitter


by (author) Sylvie Assathiany & Louise Pelletier
illustrated by Philippe Béha

Afraid of the Dark

by (author) Barry Dickson
illustrated by Olena Kassian

What's a Friend?

by (author) Satu Repo
photographs by Lutz Dille

Cedric and the North End Kids

by (author) Bill Freeman
photographs by Lutz Dille

The Lonely Dragon

by (author) Christiane Duchesne
adapted by Rosemary Allison

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