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Fight for Life!

How Sara Josephine Baker Saved the Lives of America's Children
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Cancer is a C Word

But how do people get this word that starts with a C?Wait a minute! Can they spread their cancer to me?!...This is a lot of information, but please don't worry.Instead, let us tell you of some other words that also start with C.There is a special one called community....Cooking is another C word and a good way to help boost someone's mood.If someone is feeling sick you can help by bringing their family some food.Coming together also starts with C and is so important, son.Making sure people know you are there for them, they are not alone and not the only one.

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Sudden Impact

The heavy fullback went down right on top of him. I heard this terrifying scream come out of Kurt. Kurt was not usually a screamer. I'd never heard him utter the slightest whimper of pain, ever. He was as tough as they come.
A whistle blew. The ball had missed the net. Nobody knew what I knew. I was over the rickety fence and running onto the field. The referee pulled the Fairview goon off of Kurt, but Kurt was still curled over on the grass.
Coach Kenner yelled at me to get off the field. He and Jason both came chasing after me. They thought I'd lost my mind. A kid falls down in a soccer game, big deal. But I knew better.

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