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La magie du chocolat

by (author) Sandra Bradley
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard

The Tray of Togetherness

by (author) Flo Leung

I Am Picky

Confessions of a Fussy Eater

by (author) Kristen Tracy
illustrated by Erin Kraan

The Digger Dance

by (author) Judy Ann Sadler
illustrated by Yong Ling Kang

Oolichan Moon

by (author) Samantha Beynon
illustrated by Lucy Trimble

The Perfect Cake

by (author) Yolanda Gampp & Karen Kilpatrick
illustrated by Jared MacPherson

Night Lunch

by (author) Eric Fan
illustrated by Dena Seiferling

Nonna and the Girls Next Door

by (author) Gianna Patriarca
illustrated by Ellie Arscott

Vive le poulet!

by (author) Mahtab Narsimhan
translated by Rachel Martinez

A Spoonful of Frogs

A Halloween Book for Kids

by (author) Casey Lyall
illustrated by Vera Brosgol

Granny's Kitchen

A Jamaican Story of Food and Family

by (author) Sade Smith
illustrated by Ken Daley

Let's Eat Bannock!

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Arvaaq Press
illustrated by Lenny Lishchenko

Let's Eat Bannock!

English Edition

by (author) Inhabit Education Books
illustrated by Lenny Lishchenko

Alice Fleck's Recipes for Disaster

by (author) Rachelle Delaney

Alina in a Pinch

by (author) Shenaaz G. Nanji

The Pickle in Grandma's Fridge

by (author) Elena Bentley
illustrated by Tonia Laird

Something Good (Classic Munsch Audio)

read by Robert Munsch

My Delicious Garden

by (author) Anne-Marie Fortin
illustrated by Julien Castanié
translated by Heather Camlot

Autour de la table

illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds


by (author) Priti Birla Maheshwari
illustrated by Ashley Barron

Lentil Soup

by (author) Carole Tremblay
illustrated by Maurèen Poignonec
translated by Charles Simard

Samantha's Sandwich Stand

by (author) Sonia Saikaley
illustrated by Nathan Fréchette

A Feast for Joseph

by (author) Terry Farish & O.D. Bonny
illustrated by Ken Daley

Something New for Rosh Hashanah

by (author) Jane Yolen
illustrated by Christine Battuz

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