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Open Your Third Eye

Open Your Third Eye

Activate Your Sixth Chakra & Develop Your Psychic Abilities
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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul
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The Ayurveda Solution to Type 2 Diabetes

Glossary of Terms for The Ayurveda Solution to Type 2 Diabetes: A Clinically Proven Program to Balance Blood Sugar in 12 Weeks by Jackie Christensen PhD and Pat Crocker


  • the science of life, functional healthcare system that originated in India


  • the Ayurvedic perspective on type II diabetes


  • bioenergetic dosha of wind, its main functions are movement, transportation and communication


  • bioenergetic dosha of fire, its main function is metabolism, digestion, and transformation


  • bioenergetic dosha of earth, its main function is to provide structure and cohesiveness to the body


  • Ayurvedic purgation therapy, used in detoxification to regulate blood sugar

Pancha Karma

  • five cleansing actions used in Ayurvedic detoxification


  • bioenergetic principle that determine a person’s constitution. There are three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha


  • sweet urine or glycosuria, a type of prameha


  • a weak tissue in the body

Jack Fruit

  • tropical fruit that possesses anti-diabetic properties, has a texture like shredded pork or chicken

Bitter Melon

  • also known as bitter gourd, is a unique anti-diabetic fruit that can be used as food or an herbal supplement. It has a very bitter taste


  • a system of physical, mental and spiritual practices in which a person uses to achieve health and wellness

Gymnema Sylvestre

  • herb with a broad range of therapeutic effects for T2D also known as the “sugar destroyer” in Ayurveda because it has the ability to reduce cravings for sweets


  • an Ayurvedic herb used to reduce stress and inflammation


  • herbal formulation of 3 fruits: amalaki, bibhitaki, haritaki, used as a rejuvenator

Chandraprabha Vati

  • means “glowing moon”, it is an herbal formulation that reduces general debility and stress and increases physical strength


  • herbal formulation used to reduce the oxidative stress that contributes to insulin resistance and the pathogenesis of T2D
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Overcoming Thyroid Symptoms

Overcoming Thyroid Symptoms

Your Personal Guide to Renewal, Re-Calibration & Loving Your Life
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A User’s Guide to the Human Body


Life, let alone medicine, healthcare and well-being, is changing. Individuals in every civilization from ancient to modern have understood the Earth’s ability to provide the necessities of life and humans’ innate ability to heal from illness or injury, but it feels like the march of progress now is very different compared to other times and places. Nonetheless, the ways in which we humans feel about and respond to change remains remarkably consistent. One common theme is that – whether or not we recognize it in ourselves – we seek out and search for an effective, meaningful and fulfilling understanding of the world, of the new and the old. Yet so often the answers we seek are right there in front of or within us.

The discoveries in medicine over the last 100 years or so have been breathtaking. From the advent of Germ Theory and the antibiotic era onwards, we’ve benefited from treatments borne out of ever increasing knowledge. Alongside the well-established scientific and technological development, I think there’s been a deeper change that’s a genuinely “new thing” – well at least new in the modern age. That change is the de-paternalisation of medicine in which we’ve seen the balance of authority move from “You suffer disease and you shall receive this treatment” to “Here’s the options, how do you want to treat this condition that’s affecting you?” The patient is now encouraged, expected to be an active participant in their healthcare decisions rather than being told what has to be done.

The same shift is seen across many areas of life and I believe the biggest factors contributing to it are the ease of access to the large body of information people now have on almost any subject and the ease of access to the tools and resources of specialisation that were only available to the privileged chosen few. Across almost every human endeavour we see personalisation and customisation replacing pre-set, one-size-fits-all approaches.

So alongside the progress of science, technology and treatment there’s more personalised medicine, choice and patient autonomy. We see conventional medicine being asked questions it wasn’t ever designed to answer and so we see ourselves turned towards “unconventional” approaches to find answers to the questions that people ask about themselves and their well-being. In this setting we can see the importance of complementary or alternative therapies, ancient and modern approaches combining to give patients the best outcome possible.

Shane’s book serves to remind us that along with great choice comes great responsibility and ultimately, we’re each responsible for our own health and have the power to change our circumstances. It provides a clear explanation of a connection between body and mind from a newer and more in-depth understanding of the fascial system and suggests some simple tools and techniques people can use to begin to regain control of their health. Along the way she introduces important diet, exercise, lifestyle and environmental factors that affect us all and have to be considered if we want to improve our sense of well-being.

Dr. Atul Kumar-Beurg London, UK

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