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Johann Cornies, the Mennonites, and Russian Colonialism in Southern Ukraine

by (author) John R. Staples


My Jesus Freak Life In a Doomsday Cult

by (author) Perry Bulwer

I Felt the End Before It Came

Memoirs of a Queer Ex-Jehovah's Witness

by (author) Daniel Allen Cox

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

The Story of Good Neighbours Food Centre

by (author) Wilmer Froese

A Black American Missionary in Canada

The Life and Letters of Lewis Champion Chambers

edited by Hilary Bates Neary

Skipper Ches: As Tough as It Gets

by (author) Fred Dyke

Cathedral of Stars

A Memoir of Home & Faith on the Move

by (author) Gloria Engel

I Thought He Was Dead

A Spiritual Memoir

by (author) Ralph Benmergui

The Queer Evangelist

A Socialist Clergy's Radically Honest Tale

by (author) Cheri DiNovo
foreword by Kathleen Wynne

The Priest Who Left His Religion

In Pursuit of Cosmic Spirituality

by (author) John Shields
foreword by Briony Penn

Balancing Bountiful

What I Learned about Feminism from My Polygamist Grandmothers

by (author) Mary Jayne Blackmore

Born to Fly

A Memoir

by (author) Sara Evans

Confessions d'un prêtre de la rue (numérique PDF)

by (author) Jean-Marie Lapointe & Claude Paradis

In Pursuit of Love

One Woman's Journey from Trafficked to Triumphant

read by Rebecca Bender

A.B. Simpson and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism

by (author) Daryn Henry

When the Bartender Dims the Lights

Storytelling After 80

by (author) Ron Evans

Father Greg - A Life

The Cabbage Patch Priest

by (author) Daniel Doucet

The Changeling

A Memoir of My Death and Rebirth, My Haunted Childhood, and My Education in Sainthood and Sin

by (author) Gail Gallant

Watchman Against the World

by (author) Flora McPherson

My Basilian Priesthood

1961 to 1967

by (author) Michael Quealey
afterword by Arthur Haberman & Jan Rehner


Saint of the Imagination

by (author) Mossie Kirkwood

Confessions d'un prêtre de la rue (numérique ePub)

by (author) Jean-Marie Lapointe & Claude Paradis

Confessions d'un prêtre de la rue

by (author) Jean-Marie Lapointe & Claude Paradis

The Ältester

Herman D.W. Friesen, A Mennonite Leader in Changing Times

by (author) Bruce L. Guenther

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