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Gut Reaction, A

A True Story About a Mother's Fight to Save her Son's Life and his Amazing Recovery from Crohn's Disease

by (author) Sky Curtis

Am I Sane Yet?

An Insider's Look at Mental Illness

by (author) John Scully

Concussion Is Brain Injury

by (author) Shireen Jeejeebhoy

Florence Nightingale and Hospital Reform

Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, Volume 16

edited by Lynn McDonald

But Hope is Longer

Navigating the Country of Breast Cancer

by (author) Tamara Levine

My Leaky Body

Tales from the Gurney

by (author) Julie Devaney

Don't Have Your Baby in the Dory!

A Biography of Nurse Myra Bennett

by (author) H. Gordon Green

Of Moose and Men

A Wildlife Vet's Pursuit of the World's Largest Deer

by (author) Jerry Haigh

Thin Pink Lines

My Life as a Nurse & Beyond

by (author) Muriel Jarvis & Muriel A. Jarvis

Opening My Heart

A Journey from Nurse to Patient and Back Again

by (author) Tilda Shalof

Norman Bethune

The Incredible Life and Tragic Death of a Revered Canadian Doctor

by (author) Frances Hern

What Disturbs Our Blood

A Son's Quest to Redeem the Past

by (author) James FitzGerald

The Doc's Side

Tales of a Sunshine Coast Doctor

by (author) Eric J. Paetkau

Dramatic Life of a Country Doctor

Fifty Years of Disasters and Diagnoses

by (author) Dr Arnold Burden
with Andrew Safer

Alfalfa to Ivy

Memoir of a Harvard Medical School Dean

by (author) Joseph B. Martin
foreword by David Hubel
afterword by Ed Benz

They Shoot Doctors Don't They

A Memoir

by (author) Roland Penner & Jack Fainman

Caring and Compassion

A History of the Sisters of St. Ann in Health Care in British Columbia

by (author) Darlene Southwell

Ian Gawler

The Dragon's Blessing

by (author) Guy Allenby
foreword by Ian Gawler

Extraordinary Canadians: Norman Bethune

by (author) Adrienne Clarkson


The Life of Norman Bethune

by (author) Roderick Stewart & Sharon Stewart


Learning to Live with Solitude

by (author) Emily White

In Cancerland

Living Well is the Best Revenge

by (author) Libby Znaimer

The Pledge

Challenges of the Pledge Between a Mother & Son

by (author) Clyde Manswell

Cold Land, Warm Hearts

More Memories of an Arctic Medical Outpost

by (author) Keith Billington

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