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Crooked River Rats

The Adventures of Pioneer Riverman

by (author) Bernard McKay & Wendy Liddle

Peter Fidler

Canada's Forgotten Explorer

by (author) J.G. MacGregor

Crazy Man's Creek

by (author) Jack Boudreau

Heartbreak and Heroism

Canadian Search and Rescue Stories

by (author) John Melady

Klondike Paradise

by (author) C.R. Porter

No Ordinary Man

George Mercer Dawson 1849-1901

by (author) Lois Winslow-Spragge
edited by Bradley Lockner

To the Charlottes

George Dawson's 1878 Survey of the Queen Charlotte Islands

edited by Douglas Cole & Bradley Lockner

Curse of Gold

Jack Mould and the Curse of Gold

by (author) Elizabeth Hawkins & Jack Mould

Crazy Cooks & Gold Miners

by (author) Joyce Yardley

Christopher Columbus Answers All Charges

by (author) Yuri Rubinsky & Marc Giacomelli

A Pioneer Gentlewoman in British Columbia

The Recollections of Susan Allison

by (author) Margaret A. Ormsby

Yukoners: True Tales

True Tales of the Yukon

by (author) Harry Gordon-Cooper

Blue Nose Master

The Memoirs of Captain Ernest K. Hartling

by (author) Ernest K. Hartling
other Jo Kranz

They Call Me Father

Memoirs of Father Nicolas Coccola

edited by Margaret Whitehead

Overland to Starvation Cove

With the Inuit in Search of Franklin, 1878-1880

by (author) Heinrich Klutschak
edited and translated by William Barr

Traveling Light

A dozen encounters

by (author) Jim Christy

Overland from Canada to British Columbia

By Mr. Thomas McMicking of Queenston, Canada West

edited by Joanne Leduc


Living with Swans in the Wilderness

by (author) Trudy Turner & Ruth McVeigh

The New World Journal of Alexander Graham Dunlop


edited by David Sinclair & Germaine Warkentin

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