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Searching for Franklin

New Answers to the Great Arctic Mystery

by (author) Ken McGoogan

Where the Falcon Flies

A 3,400 Kilometre Odyssey From My Doorstep to the Arctic

by (author) Adam Shoalts


Navigating the Adventures of a Childfree Life - A Memoir

by (author) Maria Coffey

Gumboot Guys

Nautical Adventures on British Columbia's North Coast

edited by Lou Allison
compiled by Jane Wilde

Royal Robbins

The American Climber

by (author) David Smart

Hitman for the Kindness Club

by (author) Paul Watson

Capturing The Summit

Hamilton Mack Laing and the Mount Logan Expedition of 1925

by (author) Trevor Marc Hughes

Frances Barkley

Eighteenth-century Seafarer

by (author) Cathy Converse

British Columbiana

A Millennial in a Gold Rush Town

by (author) Josie Teed

Chasing Paradise

A Hitchhiker's Search for Home in a World at War with Itself

by (author) Chris Benjamin

Kechika Chronicler

Willard Freer's Northern BC and Yukon Diaries, 1942-1975

by (author) Jay Sherwood

Strange Bewildering Time

Istanbul to Kathmandu in the Last Year of the Hippie Trail

by (author) Mark Abley

Why Am I Taller?

What Happens to an Astronaut's Body in Space

by (author) Dave Williams & Elizabeth Howell

The Art of Misadventure

The Outtakes and Mistakes Of An Adventurous Photographer

by (author) Dave Brosha
foreword by Curtis Jones

The Cows Are Out

by (author) Dale McIsaac

The Cows Are Out!

by (author) Dale McIsaac

Lights to Guide Me Home

A Journey Off the Beaten Track in Life, Love, Adventure, and Parenting

by (author) Meghan J. Ward
foreword by Caroline Van Hemert

Searching for Breath

Life, Death and the Air in Between

by (author) Jono Lineen

John Rae, Arctic Explorer

The Unfinished Autobiography

by (author) John Rae
edited by William Barr

Antarctic Pioneer

The Trailblazing Life of Jackie Ronne

by (author) Joanna Kafarowski

One Inch from Disaster

True Tales from the Wilds of British Columbia

by (author) Kelly Randall Ricketts

McNutt's Island Journal

by (author) Elizabeth Walden Hyde

The Whisper on the Night Wind

The True History of a Wilderness Legend

by (author) Adam Shoalts

Life in Reverse

Tales of a Very Stable Narcissist

by (author) Ron Westray

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