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The Moving Statues of Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam

Automata, Waxworks, Fountains, Labyrinths

by (author) Angela Vanhaelen

Playful Pictures

Art, Leisure, and Entertainment in the Venetian Renaissance Home

by (author) Chriscinda Henry

Gothic Architecture and Sexuality in the Circle of Horace Walpole

by (author) Matthew M. Reeve

The Spanish Element in Our Nationality”

Spain and America at the World's Fairs and Centennial Celebrations, 1876-1915

by (author) M. Elizabeth Boone

Graphic Culture

Illustration and Artistic Enterprise in Paris, 1830-1848

by (author) Jillian Lerner

Landscape into Eco Art

Articulations of Nature Since the '60s

by (author) Mark Cheetham

Mad Enchantment

Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies

by (author) Ross King

Lucas Cranach the Elder,Martin Luther, and the Art of the Reformation

by (author) Arjun Gupta

Nature's Experiments and the Search for Symbolist Form

by (author) Allison Morehead

Anthony Caro

Sculpture Laid Bare

edited by Kenneth Brummel

Small Wonders

Gothic Boxwood Miniatures

edited by Lisa Ellis & Alexandra Suda

Raphael's Ostrich

by (author) Una Roman D’Elia

DADA, Surrealism, and the Cinematic Effect

by (author) R. Bruce Elder


Victorian Photography and the Discerning Subject

by (author) Jordan Bear

The Stained Glass of the Hosmer Collection, McGill University

Corpus Vitrearum Canada

by (author) James Bugslag & Ariane Isler-de Jongh

The Vatican: All the Paintings

The Complete Collection of Old Masters, Plus More than 300 Sculptures, Maps, Tapestries, and other Artifacts

by (author) Anja Grebe
introduction by Ross King

Masterworks from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Special edition)

edited by Terry Graff

Masterworks from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

edited by Terry Graff

Chefs-d'oeuvre de la Galerie d'art Beaverbrook

edited by Terry Graff

Cristina Iglesias

by (artist) Cristina Iglesias
introduction by Loretta Yarlow
by (author) Pepe Espaliu

...pour in...

Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler

by (artist) Irene Hohenbuchler & Christine Hohenbuchler
by (author) Jeanne Randolph

Harald Klingelhöller

by (artist) Harald Klingelholler
by (author) David Moos


In camera

by (artist) Stephanie Smith & Edward Stewart
by (author) Michèle Thériault

Toronto Asymmetric Orange

Philippe Van Snick

by (artist) Phillippe Van Snick
by (author) Walter Klepac

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