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Andrea McPherson: Bad Mothers and Wives

Women who dare to defy society's expectations for them—for better or for worse.   

The Chat: Trevor Corkum Interviews Carmen Aguirre

This week on The Chat, I’m in conversation with Vancouver writer and theatre artist Carmen Aguirre. Her powerful second memoir, Mexican Hooker #1, explores …

In Times Like These: On #elxn42 and the Suffragists

For over a century, suffragists fought to acquire rights to expand fairness and justice. They were imperfect but we should care about what they glimpsed. …

Shameless: Marilyn Churley on Finding her Son and Reforming Adoption Disclosure

Both a personal and political story, Shameless is a powerful book about a mother's struggle with loss, love, secrets, and lies—and an adoption system …

Michele Landsberg: When Did We Start Talking About Rape?

Never has there been a world conversation like this.

Suri Rosen on YA and Making the Possible … Possible

Sometimes we need a different kind of world-building in YA. 

13 books

Some Recent Favourite Feminist Books

list by Renée Knapp

18 books

Non-Fiction for Strong Young Women

list by Kiley Turner

Mary Pratt: Monumentalizing the Stuff of Life

The new book Mary Pratt is a retrospective of the life and career of the renowned Canadian painter. The book accompanies the travelling exhibition of …

The Making of a Revolution: Q&A With Sally Armstrong and Excerpt From Ascent of Women

"These girls have become our daughters. Their case is our case. The issues affecting women and girls today are all over the news—on the front page. …

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