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Her Turn: A Conversation With Katherine Ashenburg

by Kerry Clare

"I think as I wrote Her Turn I wanted to combine Shields’ dry wit and a certain ironic distance from her characters with genuine affection for them—especially …

The Chat with GG's Literature Award Winner Anne Carson

by Trevor Corkum

“Norma Jeane Baker of Troy leverages a millennia-old story of beauty and war to animate a history of the male gaze and the nature of power wielded by …

Resistance: Righteous Rage in the Age of #MeToo

by 49th Shelf

We are pleased to present three poems in the important new collection edited by Griffin Poetry Prize finalist Sue Goyette. PLEASE NOTE: This poetry anthology …

On Telling the Truth in Politics

by Cheri Divnovo

An excerpt from new memoir The Queer Evangelist, Cheri DiNovo's story of her life as a queer minister, politician and staunch activist for LGBTQ rights. …

Me and Bridget Jones (20 Years Later)

by Erika Thorkelson

Erika Thorkelson's "Me and Bridget Jones (20 Years Later)" is one of the essays in Midlife, a new essay collection exploring a group of writer friends' …

Aimee Wall on The Great Canadian Abortion Novel

by Kerry Clare

"I didn’t want the plot to turn on an abortion or the decision to have one. Any conflict or tension is rooted elsewhere."

12 Books for International Women's Day

by Kerry Clare

Can you hear them now? If you can't, you're not listening. Recent memoirs and biographies about remarkable women would make great picks for International …

The Abortion Caravan: A Ragtag Army of the Willing

by Karin Wells

The Abortion Caravan, intent on bearding prime minister Pierre Trudeau in his den and removing abortion from the Criminal Code, set off for Vancouver …

Launchpad: Grandmother School, by Rina Singh and Ellen Rooney

by Kerry Clare

"How great a treat it will be to read this book in a grandmother’s lap."

Two Amazing Books for Young Readers

by Kerry Clare

At a moment when so many of us are looking for inspiration and longing for visionary leadership, here are two extraordinary new releases.

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