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How Does a Woman Become a Writer?

by Linda Leith

"The writers who interest me most, always, are women who write about themselves in ways that a male writer never could."

11 Essay Collections to Revisit Now

by Susan Olding

"The bestselling novel of a decade ago will sometimes seem stale or irrelevant today, but that’s rarely true of an essay. Like your smart friend, the …

The Chat Special Coverage: Griffin Poetry Prize Roundtable 2021

by Trevor Corkum

We’re so pleased to be partnering once again with our friends at the Griffin Poetry Prize to profile this year’s three Canadian finalists in a special …

Poetry Feels Like Memory to Me

by Ash Winters

"Something of the intensity of feeling, sparseness of narrative and intricacy of images in poetry feels like memory itself to me."

On the Road Again: Literary Road Trips

by Christina Myers

"I’m still fascinated by the possibilities that road trips present and perpetually curious about the unique and diverse personalities of the different …

Notes from a Children's Librarian: Stories for Asian Heritage Month

by Julie Booker

Great picture books celebrating Asian heritage.

No Longer a Footnote: Extraordinary Lives

by Lauren McKeon

History is too often told through the texture of men’s lives. In recent years, the rise of women’s biography and memoir has sought to rectify that, …

The Chat with Richard Van Camp

by Trevor Corkum

Author Richard Van Camp is a celebrated and beloved storyteller who has worked across many genres. His latest offering, Gather: On the Joy of Storytelling …

Why We All Need Breathing Space

by Kirsteen MacLeod

"Retreat is an adventure, and it involves uncertainty. Whether we go to the quiet woods to rest or make art, walk a pilgrim path or sit in silent meditation, …

What the Kite Saw: Stories of Children and Crisis

by Anne Laurel Carter

"Children have their own unique ways of facing a crisis. Yes, they need protecting, but they are also resilient. They have inner resources, spunk and …

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