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University of Toronto Press

Books from this publisher

Your Loving Anna

Letters from the Ontario Frontier

by (author) Louis Tivy

Shakespeare 1971

Proceedings of the World Shakespeare Congress Vancouver, August 1971

edited by Clifford Leech & John Margeson

Institutional Financing of Small Business in Nova Scotia

by (author) John T. Sears

Capitalism and the National Question in Canada

edited by Gary Teeple

Real Estate Appraisal in a Nutshell

by (author) James Innes Stewart

The things that are Caesar's

The memoirs of a Canadian public servant

by (author) Brian Heeney

The St Lawrence and the Saguenay and Other Poems

Hesperus and Other Poems and Lyrics

by (author) Charles Sangster
edited by Gordon Johnston

Canada in a Wider Economic Community

by (author) H. Edward English, Bruce Wilkinson & H.C. Eastman

A new theory of value

The Canadian economics of H.A. Innis

by (author) Robin Neill

Government Publishing in the Canadian Provinces

A Prescriptive Study

by (author) A. Paul Pross & Catherine A. Pross

The TRACE Econometric Model of the Canadian Economy

by (author) Nanda K. Choudhry, Yehuda Kotowitz, John A. Sawyer & John W.L. Winder

The New Zealand Legislative Council

A Study of the Establishment, Failure and Abolition of an Upper House

by (author) William Jackson

Spatial Evolution of Manufacturing

Southern Ontario 1851-1891

by (author) James M. Gilmour

Soviet Agricultural Trade Unions 1917-70

by (author) Peter J. Potichnyj

Tuscan and Etruscan

The problem of linguistic substratum influence in central Italy

by (author) Herbert Izzo

The Rapids

by (author) Alan Sullivan
edited by Michael Bliss

Significant Developments in Local School Systems

Ontario's Educative Society, Volume VI

by (author) W.G. Fleming

Experimentation and Simulation in Political Science

edited by J.A. Laponce & Paul Smoker

Philosophy of railroads and other essays

Railroad promotion and manipulation in the 19th century

by (author) T.C. Keefer
edited by H.V. Nelles

Dynamic Structure of Nuclear States

by (author) David J. Rowe, Lynn E.H. Trainor & Samuel S.M. Wong
edited by T. William Donnelly

Etudes sur la Geographie du Canada

edited by Fernand Grenier

The Prairie Provinces

edited by P.J. Smith

Browning's Experiments with Genre

by (author) Donald Hair

Modern Fiscal Issues

Essays in Honour of Carl S. Shoup

edited by Richard Bird & John Head

Comparative Studies in Republican Latin Imagery

by (author) Elaine Fantham

Citizen Comedy in the Age of Shakespeare

by (author) Alexander Leggatt

Studies in Canadian Geography


by (author) R. Louis Gentilcore

Residential Water Demand

Alternative Choices for Management

by (author) Angelo P. Grima

On the Idea of a University

by (author) J.M. Cameron

The First Falls on Monday

by (author) Arthur Murphy


Mirror of Canada Past / Miroir du passé du Canada

by (author) Public Archives of Canada

Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol. X, Laurentian Edition

edited by Francess G. Halpenny & Jean Hamelin

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