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University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division

Books from this publisher

The Archaeology of the Atlantic Northeast

by (author) Matthew Betts & Gabriel Hrynick

Federalism in Canada

Contested Concepts and Uneasy Balances

by (author) Thomas O. Hueglin

Connected Capitalism

How Jewish Wisdom Can Transform Work

by (author) David Weitzner

The Trial of Jeanne Catherine

Infanticide in Early Modern Geneva

by (author) Sarah Beam

Collective Care

Indigenous Motherhood, Family, and HIV/AIDS

by (author) Pamela Downe

A History of Political Thought

Property, Labor, and Commerce from Plato to Piketty

by (author) Jeffrey Bercuson

A History of Political Thought

Property, Labor, and Commerce from Plato to Piketty

by (author) Jefferey Bercuson

The Story of CO2

Big Ideas for a Small Molecule

by (author) Geoffrey Ozin & Mireille Ghoussoub

New Generation Korean

Intermediate Level

by (author) Mihyon Jeon, Kyoungrok Ko, Daehee Kim, Yujeong Choi & Ahrong Lee

The New Spice Box

Contemporary Jewish Writing

edited by Ruth Panofsky

Canadian Politics, Seventh Edition

edited by James Bickerton & Alain-G Gagnon

Gringo Love

Stories of Sex Tourism in Brazil

by (author) Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan
illustrated by Debora Santos
adapted by William Flynn

Death and Disorder

A History of Early Modern England, 1485-1690

by (author) Ken MacMillan

Canadian Federalism

Performance, Effectiveness, and Legitimacy, Fourth Edition

edited by Herman Bakvis & Grace Skogstad

Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?

Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow

edited by Fiona MacDonald & Alexandra Dobrowolsky

Contested Fields

A Global History of Modern Football

by (author) Alan McDougall

The End of the CBC?

by (author) David Taras & Christopher Waddell

Epidemics and the Modern World

by (author) Mitchell Hammond

Power and Everyday Practices, Second Edition

edited by Deborah Brock, Aryn Martin, Rebecca Raby & Mark Thomas

Absent Mandate

Strategies and Choices in Canadian Elections

by (author) Harold Clarke, Jane Jenson, Larry LeDuc & Jon Pammett

Lives Uncovered

A Sourcebook of Early Modern Europe

edited by Nicholas Terpstra

Capitalism and Classical Social Theory, Third Edition

by (author) John A. Bratton & David Denham


Graphic Narratives of Feminist Resistance

by (author) Norah Bowman & Meg Braem
by (artist) Dominique Hui

A Women's History of the Christian Church

Two Thousand Years of Female Leadership

by (author) Elizabeth Gillan Muir

Global Ecopolitics

Crisis, Governance, and Justice, Second Edition

by (author) Peter Stoett
assisted by Shane Mulligan

A Country Nourished on Self Doubt

Documents in Post-Confederation Canadian History, Third Edition

edited by Thomas Thorner & Thor Frohn-Nielson

Canadian Public Finance

Explaining Budgetary Institutions and the Budget Process in Canada

by (author) Geneviève Tellier

The Institutions of Human Rights

Developments and Practices

edited by Gordon DiGiacomo & Susan Kang

Public Influence

A Guide to Op-Ed Writing and Social Media Engagement

by (author) Mira Sucharov

The Bedevilment of Elizabeth Lorentz

edited by Peter A. Morton
translated by Barbara Dähms

Solemn Words and Foundational Documents

An Annotated Discussion of Indigenous-Crown Treaties in Canada, 1752-1923

by (author) Jean-Pierre Morin

Women and Gendered Violence in Canada

An Intersectional Approach

by (author) Chris Bruckert & Tuulia Law

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