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University of Regina Press

Books from this publisher

Trickster Tales and the Stories of Chief Thunderchild

by (author) Canon Edward Ahenakew
edited by Heather Hodgson
foreword by Maria Campbell

Going to Seed

Questions of Idleness, Nature, and Sustainable Work

by (author) Kate Neville

The Good Walk

by (author) Matthew R. Anderson

Into the Continent

by (author) Emily McGiffin

Isúh Áníi / As Grandmother Said

Dátl'ìshí Ts'ìká áa Guunijà / The Narratives of Bessie Meguinis

edited by Christopher Cox
retold by Dit’óní Didlishí Bruce Starlight

The Medicine Chest

A Physician's Journey Towards Reconciliation

by (author) Jarol Boan


Canada's Potash Legacy

by (author) Eric Cline

Trust the Bluer Skies

Meditations on Fatherhood

by (author) paulo da costa

Challenge to Civilization

Indigenous Wisdom and the Future

by (author) Blair A. Stonechild

Tricky Grounds

Indigenous Women's Experiences in Canadian University Administration

by (author) Candace Brunette-Debassige

Protecting the Prairies

Lorne Scott and the Politics of Conservation

by (author) Andrea Olive

Eroding a Way of Life

Neoliberalism and the Family Farm

by (author) Murray Knuttila

Creating a Seat at the Table

Reflections from Women in Law

edited by Beth Bilson, Leah Howie & Brea Lowenberger
foreword by Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin

Wrack Line

by (author) M.W. Jaeggle

Old Keyam and Black Hawk

by (author) Canon Edward Ahenakew
foreword by Heather Hodgson

Who Gets In

An Immigration Story

by (author) Norman Ravvin

We Go Where They Go

The Story of Anti-Racist Action

by (author) Shannon Clay, Kristin Schwartz, Michael Staudenmaier & Lady
foreword by Gord Hill

kâ-pî-isi-kiskisiyân / The Way I Remember

by (author) Solomon Ratt

Opimotewina wina kapagamawat Witigowa / Journeys of The One to Strike the Wetigo

by (author) Ken Carriere

nehiyawetan kikinahk / Speaking Cree in the Home

A Beginner's Guide for Families

by (author) Andrea Custer & Belinda Daniels
foreword by Solomon Ratt
illustrated by Lana Whiskeyjack

nehiyawetan kikinahk? / Speaking Cree in the Home

A Beginner's Guide for Families

by (author) Andrea Custer & Belinda Daniels
foreword by Solomon Ratt
illustrated by Lana Whiskeyjack

The Life Sentences of Rik McWhinney

by (author) Rik McWhinney
edited by Jason Demers

The History Forest

by (author) Michael Trussler

Walking Together

The Future of Indigenous Child Welfare on the Prairies

edited by Jason Albert, Dorothy Badry, Don Fuchs, Peter W. Choate, Marlyn Bennett & H. Monty Montgomery

nehiyawewin: paskwawi-pikiskwewin / Cree Language of the Plains Language Lab Workbook

by (author) Jean L. Okimasis

The Ecological Buffalo

On the Trail of a Keystone Species

by (author) Wes Olson
by (photographer) Johane Janelle
foreword by Harvey Locke
afterword by Leroy Littlebear

Defining Sexual Misconduct

Power, Media, and #MeToo

by (author) Stacey Hannem & Christopher J. Schneider


Let's Keep Speaking Cree

by (author) Solomon Ratt

From Left to Right

Saskatchewan's Political and Economic Transformation

by (author) Dale Eisler


by (author) Alison Calder


A Reckoning on the Great Plains

by (author) Dawn Morgan

Shifting Baseline Syndrome

by (author) Aaron Kreuter

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