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Books from this publisher

Psychology of Perception

by (author) Simon Grondin

Towards Ultrasound-guided Spinal Fusion Surgery

by (author) Amir Manbachi

University of Toronto Mathematics Competition (2001-2015)

by (author) Edward J. Barbeau

Turning Points in the History of Mathematics

by (author) Hardy Grant & Israel Kleiner

Modeling the Renewable Energy Transition in Canada

Techno-economic Assessments for Energy Management

by (author) Tanveer Ahmed

Designing Value-Creating Supply Chain Networks

by (author) Alain Martel & Walid Klibi

XCOR, Developing the Next Generation Spaceplane

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Family Therapy as Socially Transformative Practice

Practical Strategies

by (author) Sally St. George
edited by Dan Wulff

More Math Into LaTeX

by (author) George Grätzer


A Modern Synthesis

by (author) Andrew D. Miall

Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells

Methods and Protocols

by (author) Kursad Turksen
edited by Andras Nagy

Mars via the Moon

The Next Giant Leap

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

SpaceX's Dragon

America's Next Generation Spacecraft

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Trauma Team Dynamics

A Trauma Crisis Resource Management Manual

by (author) Lawrence M. Gillman
edited by Sandy Widder, Michael Blaivas & Dimitrios Karakitsos

Microgravity and Vision Impairments in Astronauts

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Bioprinting in Regenerative Medicine

by (author) Kursad Turksen

Demystifying Interventional Radiology

A Guide for Medical Students

by (author) Sriharsha Athreya

Reframing Sustainable Tourism

by (author) Stephen F. McCool
edited by Keith Bosak

Acrodermatitis Enteropathica

A Clinician's Guide

by (author) Pooya Khan Mohammad Beigi & Emanual Maverakis


Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, Available Treatments, Drug Safety, Regenerative and Precision Medicine

by (author) Mohit Kapoor
edited by Nizar N. Mahomed

Astro-Imaging Projects for Amateur Astronomers

A Maker's Guide

by (author) Jim Chung

Adding Neurotherapy to Your Practice

Clinician's Guide to the ClinicalQ, Neurofeedback, and Braindriving

by (author) Paul G. Swingle

Virgin Galactic

The First Ten Years

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Bigelow Aerospace

Colonizing Space One Module at a Time

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Retail Food Safety

by (author) Jeffrey Farber
edited by Jackie Crichton & O. Peter Snyder

Global Environmental Change

by (author) Bill Freedman

Beyond Human

Engineering Our Future Evolution

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Schooling for Sustainable Development in Canada and the United States

by (author) Rosalyn McKeown
edited by Victor Nolet

Tourists in Space

A Practical Guide

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research

by (author) Alex C. Michalos


Industry at the Edge of Space

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Mineral Resource Estimation

by (author) Mario E. Rossi & Clayton V. Deutsch

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