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Creating a Caring Science Curriculum

A Relational Emancipatory Pedagogy for Nursing

by (author) Marcia Hills, Jean Watson & Chantal Cara

An Introduction to Indigenous Health and Healthcare in Canada

Bridging Health and Healing

by (author) Vasiliki Douglas

An Educator's Guide to Humanizing Nursing Education

Grounded in Caring Science

by (author) Chantal Cara & Marcia Hills
edited by Jean Watson

Health Equity and Nursing

Achieving Equity Through Policy, Population Health, and Interprofessional Collaboration

by (author) Margaret P. Moss
edited by Janice Phillips

Canadian Family Practice Guidelines

by (author) Jill C. Cash
edited by Cheryl A. Glass, Debbie Fraser, Lynn Corcoran & Margaret Edwards

Assessing and Measuring Caring in Nursing and Health Sciences

Watson's Caring Science Guide

by (author) Kathleen Sitzman
edited by Jean Watson

Florence Nightingale, Nursing, and Health Care Today

by (author) Lynn McDonald

Simulation Scenarios for Nursing Educators

Making it Real

by (author) Suzanne Hetzel Campbell
edited by Karen Daley

Fast Facts about PTSD

A Guide for Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals

by (author) Lisa Y. Adams

Spirituality in Nursing Practice

The Basics and Beyond

by (author) Doreen, A. Westera

Global Advances in Human Caring Literacy

by (author) Susan Lee
edited by Patrick Palmieri & Jean Watson

Medications and Mothers' Milk 2017

by (author) Thomas W. Hale & Hilary E. Rowe

Nursing Practice in Multiple Sclerosis

A Core Curriculum

by (author) June Halper & Colleen Harris

Compact Clinical Guide to Arrhythmia and 12-Lead EKG Interpretation

Foundations of Practice For Critical Care Nurses

by (author) Sandra Goldsworthy & Leslie Graham

Foundations of Professional Nursing

Care of Self and Others

by (author) Katherine Renpenning, Susan Gebhardt Taylor & Judith M. Pickens

Theoretical Perspectives for Direct Social Work Practice

A Generalist-Eclectic Approach

by (author) Nick Coady
edited by Peter Lehmann

American Indian Health and Nursing

by (author) Margaret P. Moss

Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Manager

Managing a Changing Workplace in a Nutshell

by (author) Barbara Fry

Principles and Practice of Grief Counseling

by (author) Darcy L. Harris & Howard R. Winokuer

Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing (Set)

by (author) Mary De Chesnay

Death, Dying, and Bereavement

Contemporary Perspectives, Institutions, and Practices

by (author) Judith Stillion
edited by Thomas Attig

Psychological Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children and Adolescents

A Practitioner's Guide

by (author) Esther Geva & Judith Wiener

Workplace Mental Health Manual for Nurse Managers

by (author) Lisa Y. Adams

Neurobiology and Treatment of Traumatic Dissociation

Towards an Embodied Self

by (author) Ulrich F. Lanius, Sandra L. Paulsen & Frank M. Corrigan

Children With Multiple Mental Health Challenges

An Integrated Approach to Intervention

by (author) Sarah Landy & Susan Bradley

Introduction to Aboriginal Health and Health Care in Canada

Bridging Health and Healing

by (author) Vasiliki Douglas

Strengths-Based Nursing Care

Health And Healing For Person And Family

by (author) Laurie N. Gottlieb

Evidence-Based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice

by (author) Marie Boltz
edited by Elizabeth Capezuti, Terry T. Fulmer, DeAnne Zwicker & Ardis O'Meara

Religion, Religious Ethics and Nursing

by (author) Marsha Fowler
edited by Sheryl Reimer Kirkham, Rick Sawatzky & Elizabeth Johnston Taylor

Human Simulation for Nursing and Health Professions

by (author) Linda Wilson
edited by Leland Rockstraw

Self-Care Science, Nursing Theory and Evidence-Based Practice

by (author) Susan Gebhardt Taylor & Katherine Renpenning

Gerontology in the Era of the Third Age

Implications and Next Steps

by (author) Dawn C. Carr & Kathrin S. Komp

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