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Sono Nis Press

Books from this publisher

Kah-Lan the Adventurous Sea Otter

by (author) Karen Autio
illustrated by Sheena Lott

Life Cycle of a Lie

by (author) Sylvia Olsen

The Lost Diary

by (author) Julie White

Shack Island Summer

by (author) Penny Chamberlain

The Moment

by (author) Kristie Hammond

Which Way Should I Go?

by (author) Sylvia Olsen & Ron Martin
illustrated by Kasia Charko

Born to be Hung

by (author) H. Dude Lavington

The Business of Power

by (author) Jeremy Mowatt

Tenderfoot Trail

Greenhorns in the Cariboo

by (author) Olive Spencer Loggins

Prove It, Josh

by (author) Jenny Watson

Just Ask Us

A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms

by (author) Sylvie Olsen

No Cafés in Narnia

by (author) Nikki Tate

No Time to Say Goodbye

Children's Stories of Kuper Island Residential School

by (author) Sylvie Olsen

Yetsa's Sweater

by (author) Sylvia Olsen
illustrated by Joan Larsen

Sebastian Sasquatch

by (author) Sylvia Olsen
illustrated by Kasia Charko

Counting on Hope

by (author) Sylvie o


by (author) Karen Autio

Ting Ting

by (author) Kristie Hammond


A Story of Hope and Resilience

by (author) Monique Gray Smith

Ribbon's Way

by (author) Sarah E. Turner

Under the Wire

by (author) Julie White

Riding Through Fire

by (author) Julie White

Painting my Life

A Memoir of Love, Art and Transformation

by (author) Phyllis Serota

The Third Crop

A Personal and Historical Journey into the Photo Albums and Shoeboxes of the Slocan Valley 1800s to Early 1940s

by (author) Rita Moir

More English than the English

A Very Social History of Victoria

by (author) Terry Reksten

The Riddle of the Raven

A Sailing Ship Possessed by a Ghost

by (author) Jan de Groot

The Blackbird Must Be

by (author) Dorothy Field

Working with Wool

The Legacy of Coast Salish Knitters and Cowichan Sweaters

by (author) Sylvia Olsen

Nobody Move

by (author) Susan Stenson

An Auto-Erotic History of Swings

by (author) Patricia Young

Logging by Rail

The British Columbia Story

by (author) Robert D. Turner

Plants of Haida Gwaii

by (author) Nancy Turner

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