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Simon & Schuster

Books from this publisher

One Day Closer

A Mother's Quest to Bring Her Kidnapped Daughter Home

by (author) Lorinda Stewart

Robert Bateman's Canada

by (author) Robert Bateman

The Shoe on the Roof

by (author) Will Ferguson

The Sun and Her Flowers

by (author) Rupi Kaur

Could It Happen Here?

Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit

by (author) Michael Adams

The Patch

The People, Pipelines, and Politics of the Oil Sands

by (author) Chris Turner

The Look Book

Fall 2017 Sampler

by (author) Michael Adams, Chris Turner, Jody Mitic, Will Ferguson & Gare Joyce

Zero Repeat Forever

by (author) G.S. Prendergast

Black Apple

by (author) Joan Crate

The Only Child

A Novel

by (author) Andrew Pyper

Making Monte Carlo

A History of Speculation and Spectacle

by (author) Mark Braude

Inside the Inferno

A Firefighter's Story of the Brotherhood that Saved Fort McMurray

by (author) Damian Asher
with Omar Mouallem

Promises to Keep

by (author) Genevieve Graham


by (author) Richard B. Wright

The Look Book

Spring 2017 Sampler

by (author) Glenn Dixon, Michael Bennett, Sarah Bennett, Genevieve Graham & Sharon Butala

The Science of Why

Answers to Questions About the World Around Us

by (author) Jay Ingram

Bleeding Blue

Giving My All for the Game

by (author) Wendel Clark
with Jim Lang

Secret Path

by (author) Gord Downie
illustrated by Jeff Lemire

The Promise of Canada

150 Years--People and Ideas That Have Shaped Our Country

by (author) Charlotte Gray

The McDavid Effect

Connor McDavid and the New Hope for Hockey

by (author) Marty Klinkenberg

I'm Thinking of Ending Things

by (author) Iain Reid

Canada Day 2016 Preview

The Promise of Canada

by (author) Charlotte Gray

Umbrella Man

by (author) Peggy Blair


by (author) Richard Wright

What's Happened to Politics?

by (author) Bob Rae

The Look Book

Spring 2016 Fiction Sampler

by (author) Susan Philpott, K.A. Tucker, Kristi Charish, Joan Crate, Amy Stuart, Kathleen Grissom, Sally Christie, Ann Y.K. Choi, Richard B. Wright, Robert Pobi & Iain Reid

Dark Territory

by (author) Susan Philpott

Life Sketches

by (author) Robert Bateman

At Home: Sarah Style

by (author) Sarah Richardson

Shift Work

by (author) Tie Domi
with Jim Lang

Imagine a World

illustrated by Rob Gonsalves

A Life with Words

A Writer's Memoir

by (author) Richard Wright

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