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Second Story Press

Books from this publisher

My Art, My World

by (author) Rita Winkler
with Mark Winkler & Helen Winkler

Any Kind of Luck at All

A Memoir

by (author) Mary Fairhurst Breen

Under the Iron Bridge

by (author) Kathy Kacer

Ciel In All Directions

by (author) Sophie Labelle
translated by Andrea Zanin

A Terrible Tide

by (author) Suzanne Meade

Ga's / The Train

by (author) Jodie Callaghan
illustrated by Georgia Lesley
translated by Joe Wilmot


Women With Disabilities

by (author) Helen Wolfe
illustrated by Karen Patkau

Names in a Jar

by (author) Jennifer Gold

Govern Like a Girl

The Women Who Became Canada’s First Ministers

by (author) Kate Graham

The Case of the Burgled Bundle

by (author) Michael Hutchinson
read by Kaniehtiio Horn

The Brushmaker’s Daughter

by (author) Kathy Kacer
read by Gabi Epstein

The Unconventional Nancy Ruth

by (author) Ramona Lumpkin

Indigenous Filmmakers & Actors

by (author) Gary Robinson

When Mom's Away

by (author) Layla Ahmad
illustrated by Farida Zaman

The Doll

by (author) Nhung N. Tran-Davies
illustrated by Ravy Puth

The Case of the Missing Auntie

by (author) Michael Hutchinson
read by Kaniehtiio Horn

The Case of Windy Lake

by (author) Michael Hutchinson
read by Kaniehtiio Horn

The Case of the Burgled Bundle: A Mighty Muskrats Mystery: Book 3

by (author) Michael Hutchinson

The Great Cookie War

by (author) Caroline Stellings

A Partisan’s Memoir

Woman of the Holocaust

by (author) Faye Schulman
read by Kathryn Alexandre

Jacob and the Mandolin Adventure

by (author) Anne Dublin

Yesterday’s Dead

by (author) Pat Bourke
read by Michelle Ferguson

Because They Were Women

The Montreal Massacre

by (author) Josée Boileau
translated by Chantal Bilodeau

What Kids Did

Stories of Kindness and Invention In the Time of COVID-19

by (author) Erin Silver

The Dogs of Winter: A Russell and Leduc Mystery: Book 2

by (author) Ann Lambert

The Dogs of Winter

by (author) Ann Lambert

The Tailor Project

How 2,500 Holocaust Survivors Found a New Life in Canada

by (author) Andrea Knight, Paula Draper & Nicole Bryck
foreword by Larry Enkin
introduction by Harold Troper

The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life

by (author) Dani Jansen

The Brushmaker's Daughter

by (author) Kathy Kacer

Snow Doves

by (author) Nancy Hartry
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard


by (author) Sophie Labelle
translated by David Homel

Mom Marries Mum!

by (author) Ken Setterington
illustrated by Alice Priestley

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