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Ronsdale Press

Books from this publisher

Chretien and Canadian Federalism

Politics and the Constitution: 1993-2003

by (author) Edward McWhinney

After Ted & Sylvia

by (author) Crystal Hurdle


The Doug Hepburn Story

by (author) Tom Thurston

Of Irony, Especially in Drama

by (author) G.G. Sedgewick

Adrift in Time

by (author) John Wilson

Grandchild of Empire

About Irony, Mainly in the Commonwealth

by (author) W.H. New

At The Mercy Seat

by (author) Susan McCaslin

When Eagles Call

by (author) Susan Dobbie

Shadows of Disaster

by (author) Cathy Beveridge

Max Frisch

Three Plays

by (author) Max Frisch
translated by Michael Bullock

Adultery Poems, The

by (author) Nancy Holmes

First Day of Winter, The

by (author) Laura Lush

Craft Perception and Practice

A Canadian Discourse, Volume 1

edited by Paula Gustafson

Llamas in the Laundry

by (author) William New
illustrated by Vivian Bevis

Judge's Wife, The

Memoirs of a BC Pioneer

by (author) Eunice M.L. Harrison
foreword by Jean Barman

Last Trip to Oregon, The

Poems in Wake of Red's Death

by (author) George Payerle

Generation of Caliban, The

by (author) Jonathan Goldberg

Jeannie and the Gentle Giants

by (author) Luanne Armstrong


by (author) Stefan Schutz
translated by Harold Rhenisch


Stories Of Canada's Past

edited by Ann Walsh

Poems For a New World

by (author) Connie Fife

Tenth Pupil, The

by (author) Constance Horne

Casanova Sexicon, The

A Manual for Liberated Men

by (author) Eric Nicol

Essential Stankiewicz, The

On the Importance of Political Theory

by (author) W.J. Stankiewicz


by (author) Daphne Marlatt
illustrated by Robert Minden

Double Crossings

Madness, Sexuality and Imperialism

by (author) Anne McClintock

Hurricanes over London

by (author) Charles Reid

Blue in this Country

by (author) Zoe Landale

Bialystok to Birkenau

The Holocaust Journey of Michel Mielnicki

by (author) Michel Mielnicki

Exile & The Sacred Travellers, The

by (author) Marie-Claire Blais

Vintage 2000

by (author) League of Canadian Poets

Terra Incognita

by (author) Anne Metikosh

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