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Ronsdale Press

Books from this publisher

Capturing The Summit

Hamilton Mack Laing and the Mount Logan Expedition of 1925

by (author) Trevor Marc Hughes

Hands Like Trees

by (author) Sabyasachi Nag

When the Dikes Breached

by (author) Martha Attema


An Acadian's Tale of Tragedy and Triumph

by (author) Debra Amirault Camelin

The Kingdom of No Worries

by (author) Philip Roy
read by Simon Lee Philips

Gold, Grit, Guns

Miners on BC's Fraser River in 1858

by (author) Alexander Globe

Crow Stone

by (author) Gabriele Goldstone

This Game of War

by (author) Ed Butts


by (author) Anthony Di Nardo

The Colour of Glass

by (author) David Starr

Out of Hiding

Holocaust Literature of British Columbia

by (author) Alan Twigg
afterword by Yosef Wosk

Hastings Mill

The Historic Times of a Vancouver Community

by (author) Lisa Anne Smith

Sous le Saint-Laurent

by (author) Philip Roy
translated by Tanjah Karvonen

The Knotted Rope

by (author) Jean Rae Baxter


Canada's Unknown Revolution of 1983

by (author) David Spaner

Big Sky Falling

by (author) Kelsey Andrews

Halloween Mouse

by (author) Philip Roy
illustrated by Lisa Ferguson

The York Factory Express

Fort Vancouver to Hudson Bay, 1826-1849

by (author) Nancy Marguerite Anderson

Tainted Amber

by (author) Gabriele Goldstone

Awesome Wildlife Defenders

by (author) Martha Attema

St. Michael's Residential School

Lament and Legacy

by (author) Nancy Dyson
with Dan Rubenstein

Pandemic Poems

by (author) Philip Resnick

Lost in Barkerville

by (author) Bitten Acherman

The Girl of Newgate Prison

by (author) David Starr

Girl of Newgate Prison, The

by (author) David Starr

Tolstoy's Words To Live By

Sequel to A Calendar of Wisdom

by (author) Leo Tolstoy
translated by Peter Sekirin
edited by Alan Twigg

Out of the Dark

by (author) Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

Youpi en vacances

by (author) Philip Roy
illustrated by Andrea Torrey Balsara

Sick Witch

by (author) Crystal Hurdle


by (author) Glen Huser

L'ile perdue d'Atlantide

by (author) Philip Roy
translated by Tanjah Karvonen

Gold in British Columbia

Discovery to Confederation

by (author) Marie Elliott

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