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Renaissance Press

Books from this publisher


A Shadow Empires Book

by (author) S.M. Carriere

The Ground That Grows Roses

by (author) Elizabeth Hirst

Easter Pinkerton and the Case of the Heretic Blood

by (author) Evan May

Nothing Without Us Too

edited by Cait Gordon & Talia Johnson

Assassins! Accidental Matchmakers

by (author) Jen Desmarais & Éric Desmarais

Burning We Will Die, A

by (author) Betty Guenette

Ghost Light Burn

by (author) Stephen Graham King

Killer Match, A

by (author) Joan Donaldson-Yarmey

Ballet Is Not For Muslim Girls

by (author) Mariam Pal


A novel that speaks spoof to power

by (author) Dorothy Ellen Palmer


Perspectives of Black Canadian Poets

edited by A. Gregory Frankson

Dissatisfied Me

A Love Story

by (author) Bruce Gordon

Samantha's Sandwich Stand

by (author) Sonia Saikaley
illustrated by Nathan Fréchette

Beyond the Stone

by (author) Jamieson Wolf

Shifting Trust

by (author) Madona Skaff-Koren

Artificial Divide

edited by Randy Lacey & Robert Kingett

Coffee Shop Between the Verses

by (author) Éric Desmarais

Whispers Between Fairies

by (author) Derek Newman-Stille & Nathan Fréchette

Refuge of Tales, A

by (author) Lynne Sargent

Cypher, The

by (author) Matti McLean

Our Story

Coming out in the time of HIV and AIDS

by (author) Robert Hamilton

Blood State

by (author) Raluca Balasa

Case of Synchronicity, A

by (author) Éric Desmarais

Unavoidable Quests, The

by (author) John Haas

Death Stalks the House of Herbert

by (author) Sue Taylor-Davidson

Death by Association

by (author) Madona Skaff-Koren


by (author) Éric Desmarais

Stealth Lovers, The

by (author) Cait Gordon

Wayward Spider, The

by (author) John Haas

Love and Lemonade

by (author) Jamieson Wolf

Nothing Without Us

edited by Cait Gordon & Talia Johnson

Face in the Marsh, The

by (author) Elizabeth Hirst

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