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Fiction Urban Life

Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests

by (author) Jen Desmarais & Éric Desmarais

Renaissance Press
Initial publish date
Jun 2024
Urban Life, New Adult, Superheroes
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Jun 2024
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The week before Kennedy and Jason's wedding is busy. There are cake tastings, dress fittings, a formal ball, and, as their superhero personas the Phantom and the Wraith, fighting monsters.

These behemoths are destructive, smell like snack food, and are only after one thing: Door Tech Industries technology.

Adding to the chaos are their friends and families; Jason's grandmother has returned after having been missing for half a century, Kennedy's mom is dead-set on keeping things traditional, and Jason's best friend is kidnapped before the rehearsal.

Kennedy and Jason just want to get married, preferably before the next monster attack.

The second book of four in The Gates of Westmeath series.

About the authors

Jen Desmarais is the creator of the sex education game Blush and co-author of Assassins! Accidental Matchmakers. Crushing It is her first solo novel, and she's not entirely sure how it happened; she had a novella and a couple short story ideas and then all of a sudden it was a full-length book. Jen started learning guitar because of this book so that she could write her own music to go along with her lyrics.

Co-founder of JenEric Designs, she creates unique geeky crocheted items. Her blogs The Travelling TARDIS and How I Taught My Dragon have been nominated for the Prix Aurora Awards over 2018-2022.

She lives in Ottawa with her author husband, daughter, son, and their library of over 3000 books.

Jen Desmarais' profile page

Éric has had an eclectic career which ranges from casino dealer to canal boat captain to radio station DJ. Since 2009, he's worked as a layout artist and desktop publisher for the federal government. During his off time he works as a freelance layout artist for various Canadian-based authors and publishers, roasts gourmet flavoured coffee, runs several pen-and-paper role-playing games, writes, and helps run (Home of the

He lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his wife, daughter, and son. Visit him at

Éric Desmarais' profile page

Excerpt: Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests (by (author) Jen Desmarais & Éric Desmarais)

"This thing has the arms of a gorilla with the body of a bear," the Phantom said as he and the Wraith sped along the freeway.

"It's the size of a small house. How is it moving that fast?" the Wraith asked through gritted teeth. She was doing an admirable job weaving through rush-hour traffic chasing the large monster.

She accelerated and the Phantom studied what he could of the giant monster. It wasn't the first they'd fought in the past few weeks. They all seemed to be some sort of chimera, melding two animals or more. "Vee, you're sure these aren't Aether-creatures?"

"Yes, I'm sure. They are magically created, but not like that. Someone is building these on purpose," Vee responded patiently. She was his best friend and had talked him through many missions together.

An Aether-creature was a non-sentient monster that was created from the stuff of magic, called Aether, and formed by the human mind, normally by accident in places where the divide between magic and earth were thin. Westmeath was not one of those places. The tech capital of Ontario was many things, but it wasn't a thin spot; quite the opposite, it was extremely thick. That meant it was nearly impossible for an Aether-creature to be created there and that any wizard trying to summon something like this had to be extremely powerful.

"Bearilla!" the Wraith shouted over the sounds of the freeway, their motorcycle, and the roar of the monster.

"Clever. Now, do we know what it wants?" the Phantom asked. Until last September, he had been a myth, a shadow that only the most unlucky criminals and desperate victims had met. Since he'd met the Wraith, the two had taken an active hand in protecting Westmeath from ever more prominent dangers.

Even then, they'd done their work in the dark corners of the city, or in one memorable incident, in orbit. Since these monsters had started attacking, it was getting more common to see them in daylight.

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