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Penguin Young Readers Group

Books from this publisher

Sari Sisters

by (author) Anitha Rao-Robinson
illustrated by Anoosha Syed

Light Enough to Float

by (author) Lauren Seal


The Keeper's Records of Revolution

by (author) S.K. Ali

What Do We Know About the Yeti?

by (author) Ben Hubbard & Who HQ
illustrated by Manuel Gutierrez

A Roof!

by (author) Stephanie Ellen Sy
illustrated by Daniel Tingcungco

How to Talk Like a Chicken

by (author) Charlie Grandy
illustrated by Alex G. Griffiths

ABCs of the Bible

by (author) Pia Imperial
illustrated by Isabel Foo

How Do You Spend? A Moneybunny Book

illustrated by Cinders McLeod

Buffalo Dreamer

by (author) Violet Duncan

More Tales to Keep You Up at Night

by (author) Dan Poblocki
illustrated by Marie Bergeron

Things that Go Bump in the Day

by (author) Melinda Beatty
illustrated by Charlene Chua

Mooncakes Mean Family

illustrated by Benson Shum

Just What to Do

by (author) Kyle Lukoff
illustrated by Hala Tahboub

Can Do: Cantaloupe and HoneyDo Ride a Bike

illustrated by Mike Boldt

A Galaxy of Whales

by (author) Heather Fawcett

The Broken Heart

by (author) Aaron Chan
illustrated by Josiane Vlitos

Loaf the Cat Goes To The Powwow

by (author) Nicholas DeShaw
illustrated by Tara Audibert

What Do We Know About the Nazca Lines?

by (author) Ben Hubbard & Who HQ
illustrated by Dede Putra

Who You Will Be

by (author) Taylor Rouanzion
illustrated by Stacey Chomiak

Pretty Furious

by (author) E.K. Johnston

Lost Stick

illustrated by Anoosha Syed

The Book That Almost Rhymed

by (author) Omar Abed
illustrated by Hatem Aly

I Am Book

illustrated by Joren Cull

P Is for Pastrami

The ABCs of Jewish Food

illustrated by Alan Silberberg

Sleepy Sheepy and the Sheepover

by (author) Lucy Ruth Cummins
illustrated by Pete Oswald

What Do We Know About the Kraken?

by (author) Ben Hubbard & Who HQ
illustrated by Robert Squier

The Curse of Eelgrass Bog

by (author) Mary Averling

A World of Love

by (author) Aimee Elizabeth Reid
illustrated by Christopher Lyles

PAWS: Priya Puts Herself First

by (author) Nathan Fairbairn
illustrated by Michele Assarasakorn

Latke's First Hanukkah

illustrated by Alan Silberberg

Lost Time

by (author) Tas Mukanik


by (author) Coco Ma

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