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Mansfield Press

Books from this publisher

The Lockdown Elegies

by (author) Reid Monty

A Current Through the Flesh

by (author) Richard-Yves Sitoski

Cracking Apricot Pits to Flavour the Heart

by (author) Heather MacLoud

Scream Therapy

A Punk Journey through Mental Health

by (author) Jason Schreurs

Ghost Walk

by (author) Anton Pooles

Essays in the face of uncertainies

by (author) rob mclennan

Sleep Orchard, The

A Response to the Life and Art of Arshile Gorky

by (author) Amy Dennis

Changing Residence

New and Selected Poems

by (author) Corrado Paina

Pronounced / Workable

by (author) Candace de Taeye

Bloom / Until

by (author) Nelson Ball & Barbara Caruso

Immune to the Sacred

by (author) Stephen Brockwell

Blue Suitcase

Documentary Poetics

by (author) Jim Nason

Your Turn

by (author) Carole Glasser Langille

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The change, growth and development of the Italian-Canadian business community In Toronto and the GTA from the 20th century until today

edited by Corrado Paina

Twisted Gardens/Les Jardins Tordus, The

by (author) Ollivier Dyens

A Nihilist Walks Into a Bar

by (author) Brianna Ferguson

Mouthful of Bees

by (author) Shannon Quinn

Rare Sighting of a Guillotine on the Savannah

by (author) Michael Trussler

Repointing the Bricks

by (author) Jacqueline Bourque


by (author) Nathaniel Moore

Each Blossom Makes Horses Tremble

by (author) Glen Downie

This is about Angels, Women, and Men

by (author) Chantal Lavoie

Recovery Community

by (author) Conor Mc Donnell


by (author) Sabyasachi Nag

Love and other failed religions

by (author) Dane Swan

Deboning a Dragon

by (author) Julie Hartley

Swallows Playing Chicken

by (author) David Menear

The Loudest Thing

by (author) Joshua Levy

Doubter's Hymnal

by (author) Laura Cok

Unless Acted Upon

by (author) Tim Conley

What to Wear When Surviving a Lion Attack

by (author) Paola Ferrante

Halt Which is Empty, A

by (author) rob mclennan

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