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Books from this publisher

Compact Guide to Saskatchewan and Manitoba Birds

by (author) Alan Smith, Ken De Smet & Krista Kagume

Compact Guide to Atlantic Canada Birds

by (author) Roger Burrows, Krista Kagume & Carmen Adams

Pacific Salmon Field Guide

by (author) Sean Godwin & Martin Krkosek

Northern California Nature Guide

by (author) Erin McCloskey

Great Lakes Nature Guide

by (author) James McCormac & Krista Kagume

Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide

by (author) Duane S. Radford

Compact Guide to Ontario Birds

by (author) Krista Kagume

Compact Guide to North Carolina Birds

by (author) Curtis Smalling & Gregory Kennedy

Compact Guide to Tennessee Birds

by (author) Michael Roedel & Gregory Kennedy

My First Garden

Activities for Children 3-6 Years

by (author) Nicholle Carriere

Birds of Georgia

by (author) John Parrish, Giff Beaton & Gregory Kennedy

Compact Guide to Alberta Birds

by (author) John Acorn, Chris Fisher & Andy Bezener

Birds of the Rocky Mountains

by (author) Chris Fisher
illustrated by Gary Ross & Ted Nordhagen

Ghost Stories of Michigan

by (author) Dan Asfar
edited by Shelagh Kubish & Dawn Loewen

Ghost Stories of the Civil War

by (author) Dan Asfar & Edrick Thay
edited by Shelagh Kubish

Campfire Ghost Stories

Volume II

by (author) A.S. Mott

Ghost Stories of the Appalachians

by (author) Susan Smitten

Ghost Stories of North Carolina

by (author) Edrick Thay

Ghost Stories of Washington

by (author) Barbara Smith
edited by Randy Williams

Ghost Stories of the Old West

by (author) Dan Asfar
edited by Shelagh Kubish

Plants of Northern British Columbia

by (author) Andy MacKinnon
edited by Jim Pojar & Ray Coupe

Mushrooms of Western Canada

illustrated by Helene Schalkwijk-Barendsen
edited by Elaine Butler

Hikes & Outings of South-Central Ontario

by (author) Glenn Perrett

Plants of Alberta

Trees, Shrubs, Wildflowers, Ferns, Aquatic Plants & Grasses

by (author) France Royer & Richard Dickinson

Alpine Plants of British Columbia, Alberta and Northwest North America

by (author) Andy MacKinnon & Jim Pojar

Plants of Southern Ontario

by (author) Richard Dickinson & France Royer

Atlantic Canada Animal Tracks

by (author) Ian Sheldon & Tamara Hartson
illustrated by Gary Ross

Rocky Mountain Animal Tracks

by (author) Ian Sheldon
illustrated by Gary Ross & Horst Krause

Saskatchewan Animal Tracks

by (author) Ian Sheldon & Tamara Hartson

Saskatchewan Birds

by (author) Alan Smith

Saskatchewan and Manitoba Nature Guide

by (author) Krista Kagume

Manitoba Birds

by (author) Andy Bezener & Ken De Smet
illustrated by Gary Ross

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